Don't know anyone?

Does anyone live in Cambridge, Guelph, KW area, I am moving there for a job this Thursday and I won't know anyone.


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  • Congrats, @questonin, and even if No one here, dear, knows 'Anyone' who May live there, once you get settled in and begin your beguine with a new job as well, you will be meeting all sorts of new people, on and off the job.
    Good luck and be safe. xx

    • thank you so much, @questonin for your Vote of Confidence and I am quite Confident that things are going well, I can tell. xxoo

    • how can you tell haha?

      I have friends at work, but still no "best friends"

    • lol.. You sound like a smart and likable guy. But give it time for "Bestie" and pick and choose... You still have "Next year," which is right around the corner. Happy holidays. xxoo

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