What is more accurate? Your phone cam or your mirror?

I have two phones and each has a different cam I look diffrent in both cams but I always loook the same in a mirror? So what is more accurate and why?


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  • The mirror is accurate because it's a perfect reflection being reflected into both of your eyes. This is important because of how the brain processes parallax between both eyes. What parallax means is that, because my eyes are a few inches apart, when I look at your face in person, my right eye sees slightly more of the left side of your face and my left eye sees slightly more of the right side of your face (because each eye is looking at you from a slight angle). Then my brain processes the image from both eyes into a single image in my brain.

    A phone camera normally has a lens that is often a much wider angle than the human eye, which causes some distortion to the shape of objects in the image, and since it's an image created from a single point of reference (the camera lens), it's essentially like looking at you through a magnifying glass with one eye closed.


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  • Most girls would go Phone, otherwise they can't edit it to be accurate...
    Bathroom mirror never lies...


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