Would you help a homeless guy at walmart who just lied to you?

So I was in walmart at 11:38 at night and this guy that is in a wheel chair asks for help to get to a waffle house (restaurant) because his hip is bad and when I tell him no he goes on to tell me he is homeless. When I tell him no again he wants another favor. Then on this very same night a "christian man and his girlfriend" approached me and asked me about christ (I HATE THAT SH*&.) Why would someone do that in the SKETCHIEST WAY POSSIBLE, at a walmart at 11:30 at night?


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  • Believe it or Not, I have met Many a 'Homeless' person and Many a Christan Person... At Walmart.
    I am moved back to PA again and I know for a fact there are 14 homeless families, maybe more now, living under the bridge here, dear. Many would come to Walmart, especially in the dead of night or early in the morning. They would ask for change for a newspaper to help look for a job or maybe need a fresh cup of coffee because they couldn't sleep or just wanted a cup of Joe and some kindness. People of all sorts just come out of the woodwork it seems and flock To... Sam's Club.
    One time, a man asked me for a dollar so he could get some coffee. He asked me as well where I could help get him a job. He had a pregnant wife and and she and her dad were living, like some of them do, in their car in the Walmart parking lot.
    I don't think so much it is 'SKETCHIEST WAY' because with Walmart, they are Open 24 hours and for people on the street, no matter what their Story... They are always open for business themselves.
    Sweet dreams. xx


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  • I don't see how the Christian couple tied into it (unless the boyfriend and the homeless guy were the same person).

    How do you know the homeless man was lying?

  • i would not.


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