Every guy I meet or/and start to like does things that makes me second guess them? I dont know if I like him anymore?

Is it a red flagg if a guy you Just started dating asks for pictures of you?

It really annoyed me that he did because I though he was great, we have a lot in common and I think we got a long and I really wanted to get to know him more.

But ofc, while I was on my holiday he chose to ask me to send him pictures. Why would he make me second guess him? Why do every guy I meet and start to like say/do something that makes me second guess them?

I dont know what to do...


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  • this is your issue not theirs. Take responsibility. You overthink everything instead of just going with the flow.

    Whatever the insecurity is (embarrassing yourself? scared to get hurt? etc) you need to get past this or you will never get to be in a long term relationship without making yourself have a headache or being able to trust them.

    • I have never looked at it like that before, but I guess there us some truth in it.. I have been hurt before, and I guess a part of me expects thing not to Work out and/or tries to find reasons for it not to Work. And I guess im trying to distance myself from something that potentially can hurt me, Even if its something I want aka relationship, by enotionally distance myself or rehelt the guy before he can reject me.. how do I stop doing this?

    • by remembering this:

      you cannot have a contingency for a contingency for a contingency. You cannot see 2 moves ahead so you will have to take risks and that is ok. venture in to the unknown to live or stay on the known to exist. You will never find that all crazy love if you analyze things so much :)

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  • Don't send them pictures. Stupid losers just wanting to get off to you and nothing more because they are pussies, mostly.


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  • I'm the same way. They either do something that turn me off quickly or I just easily get bored with them lol. I've accepted it's my issue though so I don't let it bother me much.

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