If we do one day achieve time travel?

and achieved the ability to be immune to the effects of time do you think humanity will
VOTE A. rescue those who they tortured, humiliated in the past by changing the past or will it VOTE B. completely ignore their existence and those acts committed and believe their superior because they are still existing and believe that they are superior because they won and are still here and ignore the others because they are the losers. WHICH THINK HUMANITY IS MORE LIKELY TO DO IF THEY ACHIEVE SUCH POWER?

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so much for hope! huh?


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  • There are actually basically no paradoxes for time travel. If I went back in time and killed my grandparents, I would still exist.

    The reason being, when you go back in time, you are not affecting your own timeline, but an alternative one. You couldn't possibly affect your OWN timeline because your timeline did not involve someone traveling from the future.

    And when you return to the present, you wouldn't necessarily return to your own present timeline, but more likely the one you modified.

    Doc explained this in Back to the Future, if you want a pop culture reference. But that has been the general understanding regarding such things.


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  • B because if they changed the past, they might fuck it up and not mke time travel in the future.

  • Time travel would cause so much temporal paradoxes, even the universe gets fucked up due to this.

  • Time travel will screw up everything... It's just terrible!

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