Supplying alcohol to minors question?

So I'm really hyped to go see Rise Against live in a couple weeks from now, and I'm going with 2 frends, one is 19 and one is 20.

I told them up front im not buying them alcohol. Supposedly there's undercover security at the bars and im not all about that jail time. I told them to find someone else to buy them drinks.

Let's say we go to the concert and they wander off and come back with beers in their hand and we're walking around and security or a cop stops us. Am I gonna be charged with giving alcohol to them? Or do the cops need to see an adult hand a minor the alcohol?

I live in nj by the way

I'm asking this because I don't know if I'm supposed to run away from them if they come back with beers, or if I'm okay to hang out with them

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  • Well the only legal place for you to drink in NJ is in your home with your parent. Where my kids live I can buy them a beer at a restaurant and it is legal.

    State law grants an exemption for religious services, and for parents and guardians over 21 who serve alcohol to their own children in a private location (such as a private home).[


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  • The chances are that you'll be fine. They'd be able to play CCTV back or something and it'd prove that you didn't buy them anything.


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  • There must be irrefutable proof you provided the alcohol. Without it, you cannot be charged with a crime. And good for you for sticking to your guns on this!

    • what do they use as irrefutable proof other then seeing the action? or is that it? lol

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    • i mean for like outside of a concert as well

    • Just because you bought it and they have it doesn't mean you gave it to them. There has to be direct evidence that you handed them the product, either on security camera or witnessed by an officer. If they can prove you gave it to them, you'd likely be fined or prosecuted.

  • Security will probably kick them out and not you.

  • I think it's ridiculous that you have to wait so long