Something awesome has just happened?
I'm looking forward for this show being released more than i'm excited for Fallout 4
what are your opinions on this show? do you think it will be productive or counter-prouctive?

  • I can't wait!! *gets outs popcorn*
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  • I feel uncomfortable (ironically)
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  • This is racist! REVERSE DISCRIMINATION exists!!
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  • This should be interesting..
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  • What most white people fail to realize is when people say systemic racism exists, they aren't being attacked for being white. It's simply a fact of our society backed by statistics and hard fact.

    When you deny that fact, you are unintentionally (or maybe intentionally) being a racist.

    You don't feel the effects of white privilege because you've always had them. It's sort of like how you don't know what it's like being blind, because you've always had your eyesight.

    This video does a great job of explaining how exactly it works. It also includes citations and sources, along with some interesting things to read on the subject.

    Yes, it is possible for black people to be racist as well, but more often than not that's not the case. More often than not, they just want you to acknowledge that the system does oppress them.

    • I agree with everything you say and nice video.
      Just a quick question. When can PoC be racist? I thought to be racist you need an oppressive system built to privilege you because of your race

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    • But ya the main point is usually the conversation goes like this

      Person 1: Systemic racism is a thing that exists and we should do something so that PoC have the same advantages as white people

      Person 2: Well I'm white and I don't see people kneeling down and giving me everything I've ever wanted, so clearly you're wrong

      Person 1: By denying the fact that white privilege exists, you're helping to support a system that marginalizes PoC

      Person 2: How dare you imply I support racism? I assure you, I have black friends and I am not a racist!!!

      What person 2 fails to realize is that they are unintentionally supporting a racist system by denying that they've hit the existential jackpot by being born white in America.

      Person 2 isn't necessarily a racist at heart, and probably is a good person. They're just blissfully unaware of their complicity in a broken system, and they wrongly assume people view them as the bad guy for being white.

    • That is so very accurate. I've actually had a conversation with a girl on here, along those lines. I probably would of been able to help her understand better, if I didn't confuse systemic racism with "just racism".

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  • LOL sounds like a shitstorm is about to happen.

  • Excited more than fallout 4? Where's my fat man I gotta kill a Bitch..

  • It won't change the fact that without white people, the world would still be sharpening spears and lighting campfires by rubbing sticks together.

    The world needs to wake up and realize that white people are owed many thanks from all other races that they no longer have to wipe their asses with leaves.

    • You realize black people invented algebra, the compass, the foundation of most modern surgical techniques, and a whole slew of other things people often forget to credit them with, right?

      During the middle ages, Africa was the most advanced continent in the world. The renaissance was sparked by crusaders returning home with knowledge they gained there.

      Perhaps educate yourself on history before spewing this sort of rhetoric, because not only do you make yourself look like a fool, but you spread your ignorance to others who take everything they read at face value without fact checking.

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    • I see your point though... I was just trying to illustrate that we would be far from "sharpening spears and lighting campfires by rubbing sticks together"

      I'll be more careful with my words in the future.

    • White people were pretty much the pioneers of everything, hate to break it to you