Is it ok if I leave my Xbox 360 on over night?

Well see i always watched T. V. In my bed until i fall asleep. But now i switched to Netflix on my Xbox360 and i don't have T. V. Service anymore. So i would like to watch Netflix until i fall asleep every night, but then it'll be left on for the rest of the night. I was just wondering if i can do that without harming the console.

If i can't do that, is there a way i can make it turn off by itself after a certain amount of time of inactivity or something?


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  • What type of 360 is it?

    If you're planning on doing that you might want to get a 3rd party cooler

    The 360 does have an automatic inactivity shutdown option, you'll have to change the settings, go to "start up and shutdown" I'm sure you can adjust the time. . . It's been a long time since I've used a 360. Part of me thinks Netflix will. . . uh nevermind. You could test it out and see how it goes


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  • Lol I didn't turn my MacBook off in 6 months and you ask about 1 night..

    • No, I'm asking about every night lol

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    • How can i do that? Leave the fan on?

    • Lol just make sure it's cooling system is working properly

  • I've done that before. It should be fine

    • But leaving it on EVERY night?

    • Uhh, that's not good. I've done it for a few nights in a row, but I don't suggest that either

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  • Yes it's ok I leave my original Xbox on all night till the next day many Times. Your system will be ok.

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