How long does HS drama last after graduation?

Class of 2013 so its been 2 years since I've hung out with anyone from my graduating class. I was a quiet kid with a few too many pimples, and was the smallest guy in my class. Since then I've grown to 6" 0 and grew a little facial hair along with gained confidence due to my skin clearing up. They will remember what class we were in together, any drama I was in. Each time it seems they talk about the past and how i was the oldest kid in the grade but looked so young and that I look so much older now (idk how they knew that considering we never talked). It seems like I'll never escape my HS awkward stage and I kinda want to erase that part of my life.


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  • I didn't have the best HS years either. I admit I've done some stupid things but I prefer to look back at it and just laugh at my awkward self. at least, I'm done with it, you shouldn't let that affect your present self. Looking at adults, they always look back to those times, HS, elementary.

    • Well if it was just my awkward personality that I was hesitant about idc but its more the whole I was a dweeb and people at my uninnevee saw me like that thankfully. I was nervous when a girl I liked in HS who was real popular talked to me last week. She was super nice to me and knew I was the oldest in our class and remembered how shy I was. We talked for a few hours and she told me she never heard me talk before.

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    • The people in your university thinks you're a dweeb? Well I myself have a few moments I don't want to resurface again in my present life, I just do what the person below does... Run like the town was on fire lol..
      People are bound to recall those times if you don't see each other often :P

    • No my HS classmates do people at my uni think im a confident guy. to my HS classmates I'm that short kid with a few pimples that is scared to talk. It's a 180.

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  • 5 minutes lol unless you stay in town and in touch, then I guess it could last longer. I ran like the town was on fire!! Lol

    • Well I go home and visit ocassinally I got family that lives there so its inevitable I run Into people in my small town.

  • usually not very long.

    • Hopefully it stops by the time I'm 25 cause I still see people from my HS who graduated in 2008 that recognize me.

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  • Drama? Not too long. BUT "oh look at me!!!" That's a different story. I reluctantly went with a girlfriend to her 10 yr. reunion. I REALLY didn't want to go, but went to make her happy.
    What a bunch of blowhards. You send in what you're doing & occupation. My girlfriend wrote her occupation & I just wrote "phone man" I'm a PBX installer & do some IT work. I still just say I'm a phone man.
    I was reading over a few names & how they make their job out to be THE BEST job.
    I got to one name that I recognized. He was a phone man in the same area that I worked in. According to him he was an "programming systems technician IT electrician" (or something similar to that)
    BULL SHIT he's a freaking phone man.
    I was like QandAgirl I too I ran like that school was on fire!!

  • I would say that will fade as you all go separate ways and create your new lives maybe to meet at a few reunions