How many Amazon gift cards can you use at once?

If I earned enough xper to receive 2 Amazon gift cards, could I use them both for the same purchase so I don't have to spend my money or do I have to use them separately?


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  • once you get the amazon giftcard from GAG you redeem them on Amazon and it just goes into a total of how much spending money you have in your account. so when you make purchases you can pay by credit card or use the money in your account.


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  • You only claim max of two in a one month period so don't stockpile.

    • I don't have enough for 2 yet so I think I'll wait a bit longer. By the way when you say a month do you mean every 30 days or January, February, March, etc (like I could redeem 2 on the 31st of January the another 2 on the 1st of February)?

    • I think it is like a 30 day period

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