They should take down the gay flag if they take down the confederate flag because I'm straight and the gay flag offends me?


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  • You won't get much support. People don't know their history and other groups used the flag to benefit their own agendas. People MADE it about race, but that's not what it actually stood for. You won't change people's minds, though. They don't want to hear it.

    • The Virginia battle flag was used by the Northern Virginia army during the civil war. One of the reasons they fought, to keep slaves.

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    • @vishna thank you for the civil conversation. You seem to be quite level-headed and did not get offended or irate with the points that I have made. Again, I completely see your point and can appreciate it. I usually don't get into the flag debates. Frankly, I just don't care about a piece of material that represents something that happened in our history. I have too many other things to worry about in my personal life that actually affect my day-to-day life in huge ways. I just don't think that history needs to continue to be buried and I could see the asker's point. She DOES have a point and I know she was not trying to be prejudiced. Everyone immediately attacked her, though. What's offensive to one is not to another and if we want equality and political correctness, it needs to be done all around. We all need to start looking at other sides instead of just our own. If someone were to fly a flag against LGBT due to maybe their beliefs, they would be ostracized and treated horribly by

    • those who fought to be understood and accepted as well. What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

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  • Hell yea they should! But everyone has a right to fly whatever damn flag they want. That's how America should be. If it offends you don't look at don't buy it and so on. The sex commercials on tv during prime time offend me but I ain't raisin hell to get it removed. Hell if America starts saying oh were gonna remove such and such because it offends a few people we wouldn't have walmart cause there's at least one thing on every isle at walmart that could offend me. I could go on and on. If they wanna be all pissy bout the confederate flag and remove frome everything then hell yea remove the gay flag! I'm a proud southerner own lots of confederate flag stuff have heritage from the war. I ain't taking my flag down. I'm flying her proud. And I proudly support the dukes.

    • People can flaunt the Confederate flag if they want... but they better be prepared for the stigma, because it is only to get worse.

      Look at how smokers, and smoking in general, are stigmatized. The Confederate flag is already at that level!

    • Wow that was great.

  • You can use this as a flag:

    Caption says "true family".

    I'm actually going to put one on my balcony.

  • Is the gay flag flying on government buildings?

    • They turned the white house, multicolored the night it was made legal. I was so proud of America that day. We are truly progressing

    • I don't think we are progressing at all. Doing that to the White House, which belongs to ALL Americans, was like gloating about it.

    • Is it not good to celebrate equal rights?

  • Actually, I do agree with the poster and I am not afraid to say so without the shield of anonymity.

    While I support the LGBTQ community, I do not think that a flag that represents a particular group should be flown by official federal agencies. The reason we have separation of church and state is so that our government cannot be seen as supporting one religion over another.

    In that same vein, they should not be perceived as supporting any one group over another. In short, it is inappropriate for them to fly ANY flag that does not represent the American public at large.

    • equal rights doesn't reorient the American public at large... funny bc thats usually how americans like to talk about themselves. gay flat doesn't represent oppression.

    • Then how come the country is mainly Christian, I'm surprised I don't see a "Christian" flag in the white house

  • Only if there is a mass secession of states in order to create a "LBGT nation", similar to how slavery was the issue that caused the southern states to create the Confederate States of America.

    Why flaunt the USA's (former) enemy's flag IN the United States, and have the enemy's flag on American government buildings?

    If u take a step back and truly ponder that last sentence... you'll realize how idiotic it is to flaunt the Confederate States of America flag in America.


    Would u react the same if the USSR flag, or the Nazi Germany flag, was flown on the same pole as the American flag, on American government buildings?

    Didn't think so.

    • It was to show solidarity since the souths economy was utterly destroyed yet our now "whole" nation completly abandond them forcing them to relie soley on eachother. To this day the poorest parts of the nation are in the south. It has only recently started catching up to the north. Thats why you will see blacks in the south with the flag as much as whites. Also the civil war wasn't faught over slavery but over the secession of the south. The slavery issue came later in order to both cripple the souths economy by making it seem illitimate, while simultaniously giving the north a righteous cause. Several slave states had actually joined the north in the war.

    • The war wasn't fought over slavery it was fought over money.

  • I don't really know if you people understand the point she's trying to make here, honestly.

    Anything is going to offend somebody. Yup, I understand that. I understand the Confederate flag offends black people, and I understand the reason why too. I understand why the American flag offends people, and again, the reason why too.

    Since when did it become our own government's problem to make people who "offend" others quiet? You are the giving the government more power doing that, and that's obviously not a good thing. America was created because of what big government was doing in the first place.

    You should have never involved them. They're supposed to be running a nation here.

    Here's a thing to think about: Before the Confederacy was even created, the United States was obviously made. So BEFORE THE CONFEDERACY, slavery was a thing. Do you get my point? If you want to take the Confederate down because of slavery, or racism, then you should take the U. S. flag down too. That's just simple logic.

    Much more than anything, I see the Confederate flag as southern pride, and as a sign of "If you're going to screw with us, you're going to have blood on your hands," type of thing. Which does make me admit, waving the flag is a bit unpatriotic. But hey, guess what? We have a freedom to say and express what we want... (I'm not implying at all that the south should secede again, so don't even.)

    So bottom line, we shouldn't be taking any flags down unless it really is something purely evil and anti-United States (nope, Confederacy was not anti-U. S., so don't even!)

  • Basicly political correctness is the new form of oppression and censorship.

  • LOL I get your point, but in today's PC society, good luck getting that idea passed. For people who constantly talk about tolerance, homosexuals as a group are about as intolerant of heterosexuals as it's possible to be, and if you offend them you need to run for the hills. Hopefully society will stop putting up with this nonsense, but right now, on the heels of that US Supreme Court decision, it's going to get more shrill before people start coming to their senses and just go on with life and quit bragging about what they do in the sack.

    • The whole gay marriage topic was about equal rights, it wasn't about showing out their "kinkiness".

      Why wouldn't u want a person to avoid stigma for a harmless life choice?

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    • I haven't been indoctrinated. I have thought for myself for most of my life. Look bastard, I've been through so much in my life that i had to grow up fast. So why dont you take your dumbass opinions amd shove them up your ass. It really pathetic that a 62 year old has to be on a site for TEENAGERS. Im glad your old because you'll die off and make the world a better place. And if anything, you're doing the brainwashing, telling children to think like you and be intolerant, just because you said you are, actions speak louder than words. And hell yes, perhaps i was wrong, i am extremely intolerant of people like you, people of all walks of life should be welcome here, but people who dont allow progression should not be.

    • You've been blocked and reported, you little creep.

  • Better to see the rainbow in the sky then on a flag

  • Lets face it, banning flags is an attack on freedom of speech. Next thing you know I can't fly a pirate flag. Think I will buy the confederate flag and fly it just for fun:-)

    • Go for it. I got a Confederate T-shirt just to spite people

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    • Yeah I think trying to take it down is stupid. And way 2 go!

    • @Mickdodge Hahahaha that's funny.

  • No, that isn't how it works

  • How about the Red Chinese flag. Mao was the greatest mass murderer in history.

    • Yeah, but we're talking about America here Lol.

    • After an appropriate time of mourning, the battle jack of the army of Northern Virginia will fly again. The murders were not the flag's fault. If anything, it is negligent parents. Polls say 70+% of people see the flag as I do. Heritage not hate.

  • Good point. I agree all the way on this

    • You have my thumbs up. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
      And way to not being ashamed

  • i agree. i hate gays too !

    • I don't hate gays, because God wants us to love all people. But i absolutely hate what they do and stand for, and so does God. Which is why He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.

    • I don't hate them but I don't like it being shoved in my face all the time!

  • Finally!!! Someone on here with an IQ higher than 21...
    Bravo young woman

    • She sees the light and I don't know her, but I'm proud of her 😊

  • Yeah cause gay people offend you. It's THEIR life not yours

    • So? Being southern is my life.

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    • And being northern is my life

    • I hate the fucking god damn confederate flag, it should burn in hell

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  • Nah, pride flags don't wave at government buildings, so where would it be taken down from?

    And there's a big difference between the pride flag and the confederate flag,

    • Yeah I know. The gay flag is being shoved in my face.

  • people who waved the confederate flag murdered and sodomized people i have provided a picture that even says the confederate flag stands for white supremacy for your viewing enjoyment.
    i am straight and believe in gay rights frankly i believe your ignorance offends me because you're giving straight people a bad name

    • How would I be giving us a bad name?

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    • I don't know. What makes a gay person gay?

    • They were born like it when did you decide to be straight?

  • no one is going to agree with your opinion nor side with you. you were right to go anon. that's how it is these days.

    • She doesn't have the balls to go unanon, lol

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    • Goes to show you don't know anything.@COCOCHANEL , because I do side with @asker , and so do many others off and on GAG. She's never alone in this. :)

    • @realfire22 you read it wrong... as did everyone else...

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  • no comparison. gay flat is for equal rights, confederate flag is for fascism.

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    • It's rather hilarious to see people try to feverishly depend a symbol, of a nation that had its entire economy circled around slavery!

      Hehe. Those pro-Confederate people don't deserve to be here and enjoy this great nation of the United States of America.

      They should be shipped away to live elsewhere, your nation is done and will never rise again. Move to Canada or something.

      @crystalt70 @KidInk4

    • @Prof_Don you should read the comments under my opinion.

  • What did the gay flag do, slap your ass? Threaten to eat you? Try to force you to marry it?

    • What did the confederate flag do to you? Punch you in the face, call you a bitch?

    • I'm not one of the ones bitching about it. I don't care about it as much as you needlessly care about the gay flag. I live in the south where people have the confederate flag in their trucks, stores, and plastered on their walls. So I'm guessing the answer to the question I asked you is no. It's a fucking flag, a cloth, it's all they got. Get over it.

    • I will when they quit pushing me to except them. Like I do already can theyquit telling me too. Gosh

  • I like rainbows and I'm sure a lot of people do too. Rainbow flag is staying

    • I love rainbows. I don't like rainbows being shoved down my throat tho.

  • πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ I absolutely agree with you.

  • the gay flag isn't built upon hate more does it incite harm or malice….. so no. grow up.

    • The comfedate flag wasn't built upon hate either.

    • doesn't matter what it WAS built upon, it's what it represents NOW that matters

  • YES. so much yes.

  • That's a very poor rationalization.

    • No. I'm offended.

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    • .. I think I'm in love

    • It shows so much disrespect.

  • So does that mean the color gray should be taken away and banned because I don't like the color? SMH... Oh wait I forgot I don't discriminate, people are allowed to do whatever the hell they want! !!! it's 2015 not 1935!!

    • Yeah so I better be able to keep the flag.

    • Maybe you should write to your legislature, although I doubt they do anything.

  • How about if you just move to China then, where people are told who they can be, how to act, where to work, who they'll marry and what to like. Don't like it here? I'll help you pack your bags. Hundreds of thousands of brave soldiers fought for equality for each of us--from sea to shining sea. Don't like that idea? Think your way is the only way? Get out. No one is forcing you to live here. Stop all the damn complaining about how your £€$$Β₯ hurts because everyone else has the same rights and freedoms that you do.

    • We don't have te same rights bc I want the right to fly whatever flag I want

    • No State capitol building has a gay pride flag flying above it, hon. And you can fly whatever flag you want at your house. No one is stopping you from doing that.

    • I will thanks.

  • Either you're trolling or you have no grasp whatsoever on what persecution and oppression actually are, and why it's unacceptable to fly a symbol of persecution and oppression in places like a capitol building. Lucky you.

    • Wow your the first to almost catch on.

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    • I know, I'm not calling all Confederate flag owners racist. I only used the example to illustrate that there's more to consider than majority opinion.

    • Yeah I see what u mean v

  • i know right...

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