What do other countries think of americans?

just wondering... americans feel free to answer too!


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  • I'm from Spain and most have a very hypocritical opinion of Americans, what I mean by that is that they criticize the US, but then they're the first ones to get jealous cause I went to live there and start saying how much they wish they could come live to America.
    Many believe the stereotype that Americans are stupid, which makes THEM be the stupid ones. Also they believe all Americans are fat, and that they all love guns. But they many do agree that the Americans know how to get shit done, and when they wanna do something, the go out and do it.

    Like I said before, many say negative things about the US, but I actually believe that inside they wish Spain was much similar to the US, especially with the situation in Spain right now.

    • hey, thanks for your opinion. never really thought about it until now.

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  • Gay , porn house country,


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  • Murica! Land of the foodies! Can't stop, won't stop eating. Foodie for life

    • lol, gotta say its true!

  • I'm from the UK. I think that compared to us, Americans are much more loud and proud (in a good way!). They seem more fun. For example, here if you go to watch a movie it's very quiet, no one ever talks to eachother but when I went in America the audience would cheer. More team spirit there I guess. And burgers. Lots of burgers.

  • Don't get offended:
    -they like to illegally invade countries for their resources
    -most of them are fat
    -they enjoy forcing their opinions down everyone's throat and bash anyone who doesn't agree
    -they have a terrible government
    -they are very loud
    -they seem to think that they're the only country in the world
    -they're racist/discriminatory hate innocent Muslims for no reason. (Not all Muslims did 9/11)
    -they are hypocritical

    I could just go on an on...

  • most countries think we are all idiots.