How do you feel the United States is progressing in terms of religion? Where do you think society is heading regarding it?

Do you think we're going to be having any religious revivals anytime soon? Why? Do you think more and more people are becoming agnostic? Do you think this is being influenced by any social factors? If so, what? What role do you think technology plays in it and the growing social norms of our day? Do you think we'll ever have an athiest president? Why or why not? Make a predicton of the United States and religion in a couple centuries.


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  • I really hope in a couple centuries religion is a thing of the past more or less...

    I am really happy with the way things have going in the US. Politically speaking, I can't say enough how many people would be a Republican... if only the party dropped all these crazies and super backwards social policy. I do not think we will have a non religious president in our life times though... Even people who are non practicing, just feel more comfortable with someone who believes in something, because largely there is still the belief that religion is whats guides us morally

    I think if anything, there was a resurgence in the post 9/11 US, but now we are coming out of it. It is almost becoming 'not cool' to be religious, which isn't really okay with me even, but I think that is a huge push for people to drop it. I say it is 'uncool' because the people you do hear talking about religion are super crazy about it! There is no middle ground in the public's view.

    • thank you for your insight!

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    • im not going to lie, I'm pretty anti religious and i still haven't really found a way to express my thoughts on religion in a calm or like uncontroversial way so everything i have to say would probably like upset the general population haha

    • Oh I see... well I dont think what I said was much better. But I agree, and it always sounds better if you can come at with cool rationale! Just sort out what you do and dont think and you will become more comfortable with it all I think

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