How would you say it is to feel lovesick?

For me its a mix between having this pain in your heart, but also the sweet feeling of knowing to whom your heart belongs and why you are missing this person. Its a mix between longing to be with them but also being happy in knowing you are loving someone.

by the way thank God someone removed that asshole's question about rape being an exageration!


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  • No idea, I've never felt lovesick. xD

    • Really? Not even for a crush? I felt like that when I was 13 and i know it was a crush, because it was not love at all.

      Now that I love someone, when I miss them, i feel lovesick too even if it is sweeter now because i know that i am loved back and it is also love (not just a crush).

      But my question is... U never felt it for crushes?

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    • Yes. He had to give way for someone who will make sure to sweep u off ur feet and love u as much.

    • Hopefully <3

  • For me it felt kind of nauseous tbh..