Why do people from Latin American talk like this?

First of all No i am not a racist because i am Mexican myself but i see that in the united states Mostly mexicans talk Spnaish weird.. like instead of saying "AUTOBUS" they say "BAS" or they say "Marketa" the real word is Mercado. or even when the refer to a parking lot the say "Parqueadero" or another example they say "Closet" instead of Armario and so many other words. why is this? i speak Spanish correctly and i correct my words so i break the stereotype that we talk slang only... Thanks


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  • i dont talk like that...


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  • That's just their culture and language. Why do black people who grew up in the states have black English? Culture. Same thing

  • Why do think all Latin Americans speak Spanish? I'm a Latina and my native language is not Spanish.


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