What would you like people to know about your job?

Particularly those in the service industry, but anyone can answer! :)

I'll list things from various jobs I've had:
- If you must order pizza in dangerous weather, please tip your driver extra to show your gratitude.
- If your pizza is late, there's a 95% chance it isn't your driver's fault.
- If you're in a restaurant and request a certain seating, you are completely allowed to do so, but know that you may receive slower service as a result. Hosts do their best to seat you with the server who is the least busy at the moment, but if you request a table, we are not allowed to say no.
- For the record, if you insist on sitting in a booth rather than a table, please say so when you walk in the door, rather than waiting until I take you to a table and then asking to move.


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  • I work 2 jobs so this may be mixed between the two.

    I'm on my feet 8 hours a day so this can make my legs feel uncomfortable.

    The customer's "not always right."

    A lot of the bad jokes people tell like "It doesn't scan It must be free" are extremely lame and dumb and have been told a million+ times.

    If you don't see a spot on the shelf for it, there isn't some magical "back room" where it's hiding. People act as if stores have some endless "back room" that spans thousands of miles where we secretly leave products for no apparent reason.

    If we don't carry it, it's not our fault. Shop elsewhere, we don't care. Get over it and stop crying.

    Threatening to shop at the competitor does absolutely nothing to strengthen whatever "argument" you have.

    When you claim you "bought it here" before and we don't carry it, we know you're making that up or that you're delusional as to which stores you walk into to buy things.

    Threatening to report me for doing my job is a waste of time.

    As a customer, trying telling me what you think my job is and how I'm apparently supposed to do it just shows how unintelligent you are.

    If you found something cheaper in another store, perhaps you should be shopping there instead,

    Complaining that you're never coming back to the store again is good news for the employees you're whining to.

    If you "don't know how this company stays in business" you clearly have no idea how businesses operate.

    Please do not come into a break room of a store as a customer and start asking for help.


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  • As someone who has worked as a maintenance guy at luxury apartment complexes, please don't throw your damn garbage in the halls or outside and expect me to clean it up. There is a reason why we have dumpsters and a garbage chute. If you want us to exterminate the rats effectively, don't insist on your liberal "humane" stuff that does not work. If you see us painting the halls at 3:00AM, you don't need to worry about us being psychopathic murderers. We're just doing our job.

  • I'm an aspiring game dev and what I learned is that sometimes you have to swallow your pride for the good of a project. For better or for worse, you have to join forces with people to have a greater impact, even if some of them are real cocksuckers. But you walk the line, because you do that too much and it's called selling out. I guess that applies for a lot of things.

  • I am a student now, but I know my job will be extremely demanding.
    By the way, if I order food and it is at least 25 minutes later than it said every time, do you think it is normal?

    • That's a weird coincidence. That usually only happens if they're short on drivers, which isn't very often. Like I would usually deliver in the daytime and I was usually the only driver, so if two people happened to place orders at the same time and they lived in different directions, then the second order is gonna be delayed about 20-30 minutes.

    • Then I would say it is the restaurant's fault. Recently, I ordered food from Pizza Hut for five times, and it was late for at least 25 minutes all the time. I thought it was the drivers' fault. I think the drivers should talk to the restaurant to tell them that they are short-handed and give me an expectation, or I will be very upset under such situation.

    • Yeah, it's almost never the driver's fault if your pizza is late, lol.

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  • That I do not want to listen to your constant bitching about how we don't have a lot of gluten free foods... You are in a fucking bakery called Panera BREAD... hello? I also don't want to hear about the prices, I just fucking work here. If you see that it is extremely busy and I have a lot to do, don't ask me to fetch you a shit ton of condiments... You aren't the Queen of England, get up and get it yourself, this isn't Olive Garden. Oh, and if you have spent at least 10 minutes or so in a line at finally have the chance to have your order taken, I want you to know what the fuck you want. You've had plenty of time to decide what you want to eat, do not make others wait longer for your laggy ass.

    • Other than that. I'd like to say that most people are not like this. Most customers are respectful. It's the occasional customers that you can tell have never worked retail or in the food industry a day in their life. I believe everyone should at least work one job in retail just to experience what it is like. I feel like people would treat others with a little more respect if they did.

  • ok... i dont have a job...
    i can sleep all day
    i can watch tv all day...
    i can spend 4 days in same clothes and no one would care..

  • I'll speak of my former job:

    *we don't know everything
    *no, not all of us are rich - salaries are bimodal
    *no one appreciates the line of work
    *we line item and explain everything we do for you. so stop disputing the bill