I want to be a formula 1 driver, how?

im a girl, 14 and I really want to become a formula 1 racer, I know it sounds crazy, but it's what I really wanna be. How can I start because I live in the UK in the East Midlands also is there any go karting clubs I could go to, what skills do I need? How do I train? I can comit to it and I would put in all my effort, please help me!


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  • Eh, Its pretty difficult to get into matey.

    Most Pro F1 racers were tracked by talent spotters since their young age at Carting / racing tracks and stuff.
    And i really hate to bum you out here, But there have only ever been 6 female F1 drivers. 1 of which has never raced and 5 of which haven't raced more then 5 times in their career.
    I really don't like to tell people this, But, its not exactly a career i think you should put all your heart in, Because you need to accept that the liklehood of it happening is EXTREMELY Thin. Heck, you're more likely to be an Astronaut on the International Space Station then you are a Female F1 racer :/.


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  • Most f1 drivers start karting when they're really young... haven't you ever been karting before?

    • No but I'm a fast learner and I drove my parents car once