Can someone explain to me why did this girl do this?

I lost money of a scam and i was very depressed. i lost let's say $5000. So i told her and through text she was all sad about it. So i hangout with her and my friend the same day then she told my frends then she was like to me, "oh wow you're a retard". thene everyone began laughting at me. I felt even more depressed and wanted to leave. Now i gave this same girl a ride and in the car i said how it was not funny. Then she began being all sympanthic and was like "aww i know i would be sad too"..

So then why the f*ck was she making fun of me infront of others and acting all sad when it was us two? can someone help me with this one please?

anyone please?


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  • Well she might have said something because your friends were there. She might be insensitive or you are on the sensitive side. I do not like what she did and I would not do that it just seems kind of rude but I mean you could say something to her face in the moment... Not being insulting or rude back just confronting her. Its better to regret something you did rather than something you didn't do. If my boyfriend pulled that crap and said that when my friends were there i would probably say something funny but even it out. Like "says the guy who buys 200 dollar shoes" and laugh with him. No biggie to me.

    • I'am sensitive, yes. hmm ok i guess i can get back at her that way, thanks

    • No problemo

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  • Sometimes people just stay stupid things without realising how harsh it is. They speak without thinking. It happens to even the best of people sometimes. Sounds like she regrets it.

    • ohh I don't know about that, in all honesty. like she does this a lot. She loves to tease me but i don't like it. I don't know why but with me (so just us 2) she acts nice and lovely but with our friends she ALWAYS makes fun of me and likes to point me out all the time you know. She also called me her brother twice, i think i might be friendzoned but why does she still tease me and touch me sometimes? and do these things to me. So far not too many people can help, can you please?

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    • @Asker

      You'd be surprised at how easy it can be to get intimidated. But I defo think she wants a reaction then and if she knows she'll get one then she will be more inclined to keep using tjat technique to get attention.

    • so you say she is simply attention seeker. also can you go a bit more in depth with the "intimidation" what do you exactly mean with that? I'm actually too nice at times and dont even tease her back :( so that is why i don't understand the intimidation. One time i got really mad and then she said she got scared. But this girl acts so confident and nothing bothers her

  • She is pretending to feel sorry for you because she wants you to keep doing nice things for her like drive her around. Ignore her and in the future do not have any kind of contact with her.

    • well i mean for somethings yeah, it;s just the making fun of me that is hurting me, it's really getting to me you know. We have been friends for a long time and she considers me her brother. I told her to stop 3 months ago but she started again. Should i end the friendship? cause i tried to 2 months ago then she kept "chasing me" and kept sending hearts through text and i gave in about 3 weeks ago and i saw her again but that is when she calld me a retard and so on, she loves to make fun of me.

    • Cut her off forever. Do not speak to her again.

    • it's going to be kinda hard cause she always comes to me you know

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