What is your own personal definition of these three words: Insecure, confident, and arrogant?

What is your take on these three words, and what do they mean in your opinion? Also, could you explain the difference between them all? What does it mean to be insecure? Confident? Arrogant?


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  • This is how I use them, personally, and it's not how many people use them, as I've found.

    People who are,

    Insecure: Lack confidence. Someone who's insecure are probably pretty fearful and are constantly comparing themselves to everyone else. They've also probably experienced pain that shows up in strong emotional needs such as clinginess and possessiveness.

    Confident: Believe they are capable. They don't obsess with comparing themselves to others and usually possess a strong sense of independence. They usually feel a sense of happiness with who they are and don't need to constantly compare themselves to others to make themselves feel needed or for emotional needs. They're more emotionally independent.

    Arrogant: Believe they are more capable than everyone else. They continue to compare themselves to others, but, rather, in a way that is demeaning to others. The person who is insecure often thinks they are inferior to everyone else. The arrogant person thinks they are superior to others. They are cocky and often prideful. Sometimes, they are actually still insecure, but hide it by "fake" confidence which is really just them comparing themselves to others in order to make themselves look good. They have too much confidence.

    • Your definitions match mine pretty well. But i asked this question because according to my observations, women seem to be more attacted to arrogance than simple confidence, but in order to justify their desires they define arrogance as confidence.

    • Only women I wouldn't think twice about like arrogance over confidence. Many women can also be easily fooled by arrogance, as well, thinking it's confidence. There are certain things that some guys do that some women think is confidence, but it's really just arrogance.

    • Yeah, that's my point. Most (if not all) women can't tell the difference between arrogane and confidence, and claim that they are attracted to confidence, but in reality are attracted to arrogance or borderline arrogance.

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  • To be insecure, means to rely on everyone else for everything, like you can't trust your own personal opinion on everything. To be confident means to be able to support yourself. You know that everything is OK, yeah you may lean on someone every now and then, but you don't rely on them. To be arrogant means to turn others down to better yourself. The difference between them all is arrogance is flat out cruelty towards others, to be Confident is being able to support yourself, and your thoughts, and to be insecure means you have to rely on everyone to support yourself, which isn't necessarily bad thing, just you do it to much. Basically, to sum up the differences, arrogance is cruelty, insecurity is relying, and Confidence is the ability to support yourself.

  • Insecure to me is someone who doubts themself, maybe they doubt their abilities or doubt their looks but they are a person full of doubt. Confidence is knowing that you're good. Arrogance is thinking that you're the best.

  • Insecure - being greedy and fearful
    confident - being honest and idealistic
    arrogant - being selfish and hedonistic

    • Insecure = greedy? That doesn't make sense to me, could you please elaborate?

    • well the bible says that those who trust in the lord will not fear evil tidings and it also says that trusting in God is the opposite of possessing excessive greed so I mean when you have courage and grace - you have peace which is the opposite of insecurity.

  • insecure: comparing yourself to others
    confident: feeling great about yourself but not talking about it
    arrogant: talking about yourself and making others feel less


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  • Insecure - Unsure about themselves
    Confident - Happy with themselves
    Arrogant - Bit of an asshole

  • Me, not me, me.

    • How can you be insecure and arrogant at the same time?

    • I have an external front of being incredibly full of myself on the site while in actuality I think I'm about as useful and valuable to humanity as a tampon against a tsunami.

  • Insecure- pretends to be confident- comes off arrogant.

    Confident- can be arrogant- accepts their flaws.

    Arrogant- over confident - has deep rooted insecurities

    • I don't think that's always true. I think there is a very defined line between confidence and arrogance, and that someone who is truly confident is never arrogant. I do believe that some people who are insecure mask themselves with arrogance, but not all of them do. And i believe that some arrogant people have deep rooted insecurities, but most of them develope arrogance from a sense of narcissism and superiority.

    • "personal definition"

      It can cross over w/ each other.

      I'll be loose with my definition this time.

      Insecure= below average cunt

      Confident= above average cunt

      Arrogant= total cunt