Do you have road rage (incident happen today)? Do you think sometimes road rage is necessary? Would you say the things I said in my situation?

So i was driving today and this girl in this old white honda was beside me at red lights. The WHOLE way down the road she was lane changhing without signal lights and on her phone and almost hit me. She was also breaking really soon, so at the lights i rolled my windows down and tried to get her attention. She did not look so i revved my engine (my exhaust is very very very loud) and that got her attention asap lol. Anyways i told her to get off her phone and to use signals cause she is driving dangerouly. Now i do have road issue haha, i'am very nice guy but when it comes to driving i change, but i did try and act calm...

She told me to fuck off and mind my own business and THEN cut me off, so this time i had enought. The next lights i said this to her *IF THIS OFFENDS ANY OF YOU GIRLS I DID NOT MEAN IT AND SAID IT CAUSE I WAS MAD (about the kitchen which you will read in the next line)*.

I told her to get back into the kitchen where she f*cken belongs and that a blind man can drive better and that her price of shit is about to fall apart and that my car is worth more than her whole life. Then i cut her off and sped off.

I know my words were mean but i could not take it, what would you have done? Do you think i went too far?


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  • CRAZY that you asked this, I just had a category 5 freak out on a guy. I went down to Manhattan for the afternoon, and maybe that city tension got into me. I got off the train in Connecticut and got back to my car to head home. I was familiar with the city I was in, so I ended up in a turn only lane and needed to get out. I put on my blinker and tried to move out of it, but the guy behind me aggressively sped up and almost hit me, and he honked at me and gestured, and I LOST IT. So I peeled off of the on ramp I was on and sped after him. I caught up the side of him and I looked over, and he had a "thumbs up" going, which I took as taunting, so I got even more enraged. We separated again and I followed him more, and I pulled out my box cutter I had in the console. He was waiting with a "thumbs up" again, and I looked at him and extended the blade out of the box cutter, and tried to clearly mouth the words "I... WILL... KILL... YOU", and then he ended up splitting off to another highway, but I rode alongside in my lane, as I was screaming and flailing around, and I almost veered over the embankment to follow him more, but I didn't want to get caught in rush hour traffic going the opposite direction. But he was staring at me in shock, like he thought I was psycho, haha. In retrospect, I'm thinking the "thumbs up" might have been him saying "all good, forget about it." Whoops😂


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  • Yeah that is a little sexist. If what you describe is true, she is and inattentive driver at best, and at worst, dangerous. But don't blame it on gender. Insurance companies will tell you that women actually have less accidents than men.

    I wonder if you could have gotten your message across with a little less sexism and anger:)

    • yes i understand i was mad and women are good drivers. sorry if i offended you :( yes male insurance will Always be higher haha. What else could i have done at the 2nd set of lights when i got really mad? i know i need to work on it. If it doesn't have to do with driver i'am a very nice person and shy really. But when i drive I don't know... i get mad at times, it's like something i get from racing, i hate being last and stuff like that and when someone does what the lady did i can't control my emotions :/

      Even some of my passengers get scared when i have a situation and even this girl i like got scared when i got mad :( What can i do to calm down?

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    • I am not sure I cook all that well either. My guy is much better than I am in the kitchen

    • well at least you know how haha, but dont take any of it to heart :)

  • It's best to just call the police and let them handle it. Your attitude will only aggravate her and make her drive worse, possibly harming someone. You're incurring bad karma handling the way you did.

    • yeah but she didn't even car for my safety, other drivers and her safety

  • i am way too calm for that crap.

    • looool, it's ok, it makes you a good driver in those situations, can't say the same for myself when i get mad on the road. In person i'm the nicest guy but on the road i get a bit mean :/

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  • The worst lady drivers are where i live.

    They wear big sunglasses (covering more than half of face) and then they show off their phones by using while driving. Some have full dark tints. Changing lanes without indicators, or even looking at side mirrors. Sometimes the side mirrors are folded xD.

    When they are about to hit you, you honk them (yes, i have a stock horn and a loud one), they taunt you xD and think you are trying to get their attention.

    They don't have driving license, they don't know traffic rules, except for red light is stop. They hit your car from behind and then blame you that its your fault and ask you to repair their car and then when you refuse, they talk about the influences they have which will put the other person in trouble or so.

    So i learnt to stay away from female drivers cars and not to correct them, because they can NEVER be wrong.

    And we has crazy bikers and public transport who have extreme road rage.

    • So i don't get angry on them.

      I just drop a gear and disappear, so should you. You got 600 BHP Mustang, which is 3 times of my car, utilize it :p.

    • haha i did when i cut that girl off then sped away

  • I've upgraded my horn so it's louder and lets people know they are stupid. In my opinion, as long as you aren't doing anything to cause a possible accident road rage is okay. If I had your car I would clutch in and rev bomb every asshole that cut me off.

    Some people are lucky I've avoided their car instead of letting them hit me and take a lot of insurance money.

  • I get pissed from time to time, but not to the point where I go after someone. That's just plain crazy.

  • I have one of those dashboard mounted cameras. I live in a country area with narrow winding roads and I got tired of having to drive in the ditch to get out of the way of people speeding around a corner with a wheel over the center line. Now I just go ahead and if they don't get back on their side of the road they can buy me a new car.

    • Oh, in answer to your question, I only rarely yell at people because it does no good. I've only done it when i was surprised. Like when a woman turned left right in front of me when I was on a motorcycle (broad daylight, headlight on, I was going below the speed limit). She was very meek and apologetic but it was a few seconds before I could get control of myself as I was nearly very dead. I think I called her a "stupid f---ing cow". I'd been living in the UK just before that.

    • ah ok. People need to pay attention to motorcycles more

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