What is the best smart phone out on the market right now?

Planning on getting a new phone tomorrow (currently have an iPhone 5) which phone should I upgrade to and why? I'm a little phone nerd and prefer them over my lap top most of the time. Things I do on my phone are, Browse, gaming, Movies/YouTube, pay bills and make online purchases, online banking, FB, IG, Snapchat, GAG, and read e-books and magazines I like. So based on these things which phone should I get?

  • Samsung Galaxy S6
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  • iPhone 6/6 plus
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  • LG G4
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  • Samsung Note 4
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  • Other
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  • Personally use HTC though, it's a patriotic thing.

  • iphone of course.

    • Yes I love my iPhone right now but wouldn't mind switching back to android however, that iPhone 6 plus looks very sexy haha

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