How come so many people hate America?


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  • Because they think they're the shit and people don't like arrogance.

    As much as I've met many great Americans, there's too much going on in the US that grates on other countries.

    For example, the way they have too much to say about other countries but they are so sheltered in their own country to truly know what they're talking about.

    They talk about and treat people from other countries as if they are a novelty - whether they travel or meet someone traveling to the US.

    They have so many problems to fix in their own country but their government insists on barging in on others' to fix their problems before their own.

    Can't take a joke? Americans will very loudly criticize and make fun of other countries and people from other countries, but when they are given the old "fat and stupid" stereotype shoved back on them, they become furious and start toting around how their president is tougher than our president and how they'll kick our ass in the next war they create against our country.

    They're free.. but so uptight. America is supposed to be so liberal, but they're anything but if you are on the outside looking in. So against pretty much everything, won't let people live their lives freely, not even their own people. They dictate right and wrong and make prohibitions. How fucking free is that?

    I don't know what to say here other than I personally *don't* hate Americans, but I see so much of these little things that truly do make the rest of the world roll our eyes at them from time to time. Sorry, America, you're not as great as you think. You have the same shit going on as any other country. :)

    • Americans are anything but free. Americans have an electoral college set up because they don't trust the citizens.

      In the U. S. There is practical no unbiased reporting of news. NPR was holding on but I'd say they flipped the switch when they pulled a story that looked disfavorably on the Koch Brothers since those shit ants give generously to the nonprofit. Not because they support it but because they want to influence it.

      The one thing I will say is, yes most Americans are sheltered and some would like to see the rest of the world fuck off and die. While that's completely shitty a lot of nations are facing their own problems and feel this way.

      I hate it when the U. S. Stretches their power for the wrong reasons (Iraq) but also desperately hate it when the U. S. Has to act alone for humanitarian reasons.

      Things are changing and we need to come together to solve this next wave of instability. Fucking come on Cameron and Hollande get over it and realize you need each other.

    • You know, I'm saying this to compliment you - but you sound extremely worldly, and I've read things you've said before on the US and I had to keep checking to see if you were from somewhere else. Are you born and raised American?

      "I hate it when the U. S. Stretches their power for the wrong reasons (Iraq) but also desperately hate it when the U. S. Has to act alone for humanitarian reasons."

      This is subjective. Many countries do help - but maybe it's not to the same degree with manpower or finances that the US expects. For example, where the US goes, politically, Canada is almost always right behind them. They seem to forget that Canada is their closest ally and whenever they need something there is almost no question they follow suit, but Canada is the first country the American people criticize and joke about, even threaten and for reasons that are just arrogant. When aid is needed someplace, the amount of money and support is overwhelming from the US but what if one country...

    • covets their budget, and does so in a way to make sure their own people don't suffer. The US debt is outrageous and other countries do what they can in their own way, but can't always meet the expectations that the US sets. It's unrealistic.

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  • The U. S. Has a bit of a long reaching arm when it comes to Foreign Politics. It has a history of going into countries it knows nothing about ousting the regime then trying to set up a New Democratic government modeled after its own, which often does work creating a Failed State.

    I believe the U. S. Is learning though from these mistakes after the Iraq situation and trying to rally participation and consensus amongst other Western Countries as opposed to going it alone, bad GW.

    That and I'm sorry but many Americans act simply appauling abroad. wheb you are a guest in someone else's home you'd do right to respect some of their customs. Pay attention to if the shoes need to be left at the door, don't make fun of them shoving it off as a silly notion then track mud into the house. This is an analogy of course but is a fair one for how Americans act abroad. I've witnessed countless Americans making fun of local customs with no regard for their host country and within earshot of nationals.

    • How so (to the appauling acts)? From the people I know they are quite enamored with the rest of the world, don't get me wrong stupid exist here just as it does everwhere, but I have never heard anyone really talk poorley of most of Europe (the middle east is another story but then I have heard people from every country talk poorley about them and islam in general). Are you sure your not mistaking there ignorance as rudeness? After all we don't have the luxury of being surrounded by diffrent groups of people with strong cultures so it could very well be they just didn't know any better.

    • I'm a U. S. Citizen currently living in the U. S.

      Without going into detail I've travelled to many countries, over 30, so I don't often get spotted as an American but in tourist parts of these countries I hear and see the bad behavior.

      My main country is France. It isn't offensive to wear running shoes on the metro (though it does scream American). It is offensive to speak very loudly and hug onto the pole like it's your girlfriend allowing no one else to hang on.

      Americans will talk badly about the politics of their host country assuming no one speaks English or it's okay. They will do this without actually trying to experience the country they are visiting.

      And sadly in cities like Rome you can find Americans pointing out the same SUV they drive and getting more excited about it than the ruins.

      Not every Amerocan tourist is this way, just the novice. But most Amerocans only visit Europe once so it makes us look like fools.

  • I dont know. I am Austrian and I love it. There are a lot of people that like to point to the US as a bully. Some of that is natural since the US is the most powerful nation on Earth.

    • Thanks for sharing that is a very educated response. Some of it is the fallout of being a super power but also the result of isolationism and being a new country. A tiny puppy with sharp teeth Johnny Depp put it.

      When the U. S. Became a country it built its rules and laws for its nation and protecting itself against local colonial problems.

      No country is cut out to be the watch dog or police state. I do t think the is wants to be ( not before 911) but this was the role it was thrust into post WW2, a war it was hesitant to enter in to.

      We in the West are all to blame for the discord in my opinion to some degree and OMFG wouldn't it be great if we could come together. Wishful thinking

  • I think its partially because of the media and also because of their loose views towards sex. Their capitalism and desire to police other countries might also be a factor in why they hate america.

  • Don't hate me for this but for an outsider this is what they show or what it looks like:

    -they're arrogant
    -lot of propaganda and brainwashing
    -they're right and everyone else is wrong
    -you must run by their rules
    -they think they're king of the world
    -alot of bullshit and clearly false claims
    -they don't educate themselves before they speak

    This isn't about American people because I'm not gonna sit here and hate based on a few people I've met. This is more so the government and the media I'm talking about


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  • I think it's mainly because disagreements regarding America's politics and policies in the world, I've heard people saying things like imperialism, for example. I don't think that the American people should be judged according to the government though, I never had problems with any American and they were always friendly towards me. So, I don't hate you.

  • I think because:
    1. Because people believe the stereotypical American is the "real" American and

    2. The government has made really stupid choices the past 15 years.

  • Are you asking about the government or about the people? I really dislike the American government, mainly because of their Foreign Politics. if only your government minded its own business and stopped putting their noses into other people's business then a lot of things would be solved.

    But if you are asking about the people, then no, it would be very stupid to hate someone just because they are American ( or any ethnicity/nationality for that matter).

    • Thank you for that. People forget that government and the people are (sadly) diffrent. I'm from America and I can tell you I hate my government as do most people. To be honest its the one thing you can get people to agree on.

  • Because of your idiotic leftist, communist, liberal-arts degree, whiny hippies, spreading their bullshit to the rest of us trough powerful cultural influence via globalization.
    Because of your shitty interference in foreign politics when no one invites you.
    Because of your brainless, irritatingly loud patriotism.
    Because of McDonalds and other fat-fuck restaurant chains.

  • Because we try to control the world.

  • I dont know their people but their government sucks it probably worlds most hated and worst government

  • I just love American hotties/blondies, places, technologies.

  • Coz people in it r stupid shallow ignorant they will die from there own sins

  • Iraq
    ( Filler )

  • Because it's been run by sociopaths for almost a century now.