Would you ever stand up for some innocent white people dealing with racial harassment?

I would. I currently became friends with a white guy from the South (Alabama). He's actually a pretty nice guy but sadly because of his race and the part he comes from in the US, he suffers from racial insults from grudgeful and judgmental boneheads like being called the "Grand Wizard"(KKK leader), a dumb ugly hillbilly and so on. I eventually started to stand up for him by telling the idiots that not all whites from the South are a KKK member.

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  • Ok, am I the only one that's noticed that the black ladies on this site are extremely sensitive and just cry about everything related to racism, acting like they're always the victims? Seriously, I'm tired of this shit, you're just contributing to racism yourself, cause you're creating racism when there's no racism. Just look at the two stupid answers some of them have given.
    Criticize me, downvote me, or block me if you want, it wouldn't be the first time I'm blocked by some girl that just doesn't wanna accept the truth and keeps on hiding under her victim blanket, a blanket she's created herself.

    Sorry for this rant, asker, I'm just tired of seeing this on this site, I know it doesn't apply to all black ladies on the site, but I've just seen too many of them I couldn't stay quiet.
    To answer your question, yes, I would probably stand up for that person.


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  • No one deserves to be discriminated against unfairly.

    • Downvotes for saying people shouldn't be discriminated against. Incredible.

  • https://www.reactiongifs.com/r/tRbwa39.gif

    no I wouldn't. I have other shit to worry about. Lol

  • Yes black people can be racist and white people can be discriminated against. In fact anybody can looking at you @pr3ttybr0wn and @PunkLadyOfDeath you generalizers

    • Who're people can't be discriminated against because they reap the benefits of systematic racism... also you aren't the minority. White people trying to define racism, stop... it's not about you.

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    • i never said i was white but you are doing right now is discriminating against white people any race can discriminate against any other race just because white people have not been discriminated in the past does not mean they will be in the future HATING WHITE PEOPLE WILL NOT END RACISM
      HATE won't END HATE

    • plus my brother was adopted from Africa sooooo you can draw your own conclusions from that

  • fuck him. he probably uses the N word

  • Yeah poor white people...(uh no, take him to Starbucks and he'll be just fine)


What Guys Said 2

  • One thing you can do is tell those guys to back off because I assume the people making fun of your white friend are the same as you. However once you do this you and him could be attacked since you're trying to fight back. Actually now that I think about it its actually very hard to stand up for a white person if you aren't white because you will just get called a sell out lol.

  • I would stand up for anybody dealing with racial harassment, regardless of who they were.

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