How can I stop being so nervous?

I'm meeting a guy tomorrow. A guy I've never seen in person. I'm so fucking nervous how can I get rid of this and stop being so scared? The only reason I agreed is because our friendship was on the line. He said he's done with my games we either meet or we stop talking. And so I had to agree because I care about him to much but I'm stressed and nervous he's coming tomorrow morning help!


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  • I am a debater, so that`s how i deal with nervousness.
    I imagine the whole future situation in my mind and imagine it in complete detail including the things i will say and what i will hear, The place where i will be standing, etc. I do this again and again until i get used to the situation and my nervousness vanishes.
    I would suggest you to follow this method.


What Girls Said 1

  • Do you have time to go on a run or to the gym tomorrow, to release those happy endorphins? That's what I like to do before dates/speeches if I have the time. A natural high, ya know.

    Take deep breaths, try to think positively, and be safe when meeting up with him!