What do you think of this woman who cut me off for asking who else is gay at work?

This woman from work was pretty cool friends with me, or so I thought.
We'd hang out, gossip, party and we even slept twice - predominantly her driving it.
She even asked to hang out the other day so I went along. Things were going well until I was shocked to find that someone who I thought was straight was gay. I asked who else was gay. She got really pissed off and goes "why does it matter who is gay? Do you ask who is straight? Then why ask who is gay?"
I said it was just a casual talk.

Thereafter, she started trying to set me up for failure at work e. g.
- texting me to say that I ommitted something at work, then not picking up the phone when I call her immediately later to clarify it.
- overquestioning me in front of others.

Also, she not only stopped talking, but she deleted me off all social media and blocked me.

Do you think she's acting really childish?


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  • It sounds like she has a zero tolerance policy for homophobic microagressions. I know you don't think you did anything wrong (and I don't think you did anything SERIOUSLY wrong) but she does. If the working issues continue you should tell your HR department or supervisor. Like write down *specific* occurrences.

    It's one thing for her to block you from her personal life, but her professional behavior is childish.


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  • i think she should be a grown up but i get why she is annoyed... the other week everyone on facebook changed their pics for gay pride and it annoyed me. Gay pride wouldn't need to exist if people stopped labelling others and let them get on with their life.

    HOWEVER in this situation I feel she is being a bit much. You cannot be defensive over labelling someone like she has and then pretty much label you its hypocritical.


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  • Get a girl to kick her ass she sound s like a bitch. If u do t mind going to jail for a couple of months do it ur self. I hate her. just from the sound of it.

    Tell a supervisor or a manager a head of time that u don't like working with her and you feel uncomfortable and she is harassing u. So it will already be established.

    You just ruined my night with this story. I hate that bitch