80s music poll: Favorite album by Transvision Vamp/The Primitives/Voice Of The Beehive/Boys Don’t Cry?

A bunch of kinda less known bands active in da late 80s mostly. My choice here would be “Pop Art” by Transvision Vamp and “Who The Am Dam Do You Think We Am” by Boys Don’t Cry….. they r cult classics and unfortunately not so known :|

  • Pop Art (Transvision Vamp)
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  • Velveteen (Transvision Vamp)
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  • Lovely (Primitives)
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  • Pure (Primitives)
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  • Let It Bee (Voice Of The Beehive)
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  • Don't Talk To Strangers (Boys Don't Cry)
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  • Who The Am Dam Do You Think We Am (Boys Don't Cry)
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