How can be a good role model to people since all of them seem to turn less human by the day?

I am 16, and I matured quickly ever since I been told my voice is too high for a 13 year old. I been studying how my role models been so... well, tough. Not mean-tough, but emotionally, physically, and mentally tough. I dont know how to explain my issue, but as a kid I always wanted to be known as "The Alpha" of my generation (The guy you look at for whatever you need help in). I know what my goals are, and I work on them daily. I heard being a man means taking responsibility, and I always sucked at that. Somehow, I managed to stay on my feet for every problem I run into: grades, enemies, money, problems at home, and plenty more. Anyways, I am always referred as the guy in my school to "beat anyone up". You know that guy in your life that you'd run to for some fighting advice, hehe. That's me. It's ironic since I am muscularly-skinny, 5'9, and normally the happiest dude in the room. After all, I am christian. You must wonder why I asked about this. Well, I want to do something about myself, and show the world what I can do. I want to be a--not a good role model--, but the best there is. I won't allow the world to fall for what it's become. America's children needs our help-- my help.


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  • whoa bro... sorry but sounds like u r kinda conceited,... which isn't a good xample... but being da BEST's impossible... there will always be somebody else who's better than u... or even stronger in yer case. so try focusin on yer goals better, and forget bout this "best" thing ;)