Is buying a video game console with a bank credit card ever a bad idea?

Just curious. I get paid every two weeks from my job and only work 19 hours per week at the moment (until my supervisor finds more work for me to add up my work hours). Right now, I have to pay for a few bills for my Wells Fargo College Student Credit Card and I was thinking of getting an Xbox One soon (finding the most affordable one on Amazon but in great condition).

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  • well its just a game console, its not like a super big purchase to the point you would need a payment plan. I think you'll be fine.

    • Yeah. I was thinking of buying myself the 1TB Halo: Master Chielf Collection Xbox One bundle which cost $399.99 and I make $10.41 per hour on my 19 hour part-time job at the moment (until I get promoted very soon).

    • you should have that in like 2-3 weeks if you save everything, If you get paid every 2 weeks then 4 weeks you should have it by.

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  • Just pay your bills and buy what you want after.


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  • I mean, as long as you're buying from a reputable vendor like Amazon I don't see the problem.

    • I've also considered buying one in-person at a Gamestop. I'm just curious if using your credit cards on wants (like entertainment and stuff) affects my credit negativily.

    • It shouldn't, as long as long as you make your payments.

  • Here what I say you do if you can. Go to Paypal. com and apply for their credit. The thing with this is that if you make a purchase of $99 or more you won't have to pay for 6 months and there is no interest for 6 months. That way you don't have to pay up front and can set aside money each month for when the 6 months is up or before.