What software do companies use to spy on employees?

I should have clarified: the kind of software companies use to look at private social media pages.


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  • there are a few to choose from, you can look them up in a quick google search. regardless of what they use its all pretty much the same, if you're using company computers on their servers then you're basically fucked lol.

    this link is just a list of what the company can do



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  • you don't really need software, per say. Just cameras and a recording medium.

  • The package I use is customized. It isn't spying. They are notified on hire, but the notification isn't mandatory.

    • The software I employ sees ever site, every view, every keystroke typed on the company's computers and smart phones. I database all calls from the cell phones too and all calls from the landlines.
      There is nothing it doesn't archive. It takes snapshots of screens for images and keys off certain keywords to take additional screenshots.

      I had a problem with private cell phones, so my employees aren't allowed to use them. We detect usage of non-company cell phones and usage is grounds for termination. We dont often read what is typed into texts but they are collected and keyword analyzed. If we wish we can query the database and get full text of any text sent or received.

  • apple, google, and microsoft ;)


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