To those who have had (or know someone whose had) plastic surgery, how was the experience?

I'm really considering saving up for plastic surgery and if I want it I know I should start saving now.
i just wasn't to know how your experience with plastic surgery went.
also I'm mostly considering a nose job, some sort of jaw defining or cheekbone defining


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  • People I know who've had it have had good experiences but it depends on where you live, the standards your country upholds and the surgeon you go to. It can be risky and you may not get the desired look after it all. The recovery can be worse than the whole procedure.
    I would suggest you don't have plastic surgery unless you needed it e. g. you couldn't breathe out of your nose. You'll have one surgery and complain about another part of your body and it'll be a never ending, expensive cycle, ultimately leading to general unhappiness. You need to tackle the initial insecurity and then you'll be happy, without spending a penny. No-one is perfect and no amount of money can make you look that way.

    I watch "Botched" which I suggest you watch. Most of the people on there say they just want to be normal and look how they USED to look before all their plastic surgery. It's often obvious when someone has had surgery which makes them look less attractive because it's not natural.

  • I think my cousin got it. Her first surgery made her look a lot better. Her second surgery made her look UGLY!!! She denies getting it but we don't believe her.