Who agrees these music videos should be shown against bullying and we can forget the crap they show in school?

We should show these videos in high schools instead of what we do now.

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  • Ehhh bad idea
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  • I am a sinner and hate rock music
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  • Even if they did people will only watch the 1st 10 seconds and then stop paying attention. I like ETF though (Ronnie Radke era).

    • Haha I like ETF better with Craig but some old stuff is good. This is Craig. But some FIR is good. Now we can have both singers haha.

    • @Asker Yup everyone gets the best of both worlds :)

    • @Asker Thanks for MHO :)

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  • Yeah, that'll help.

    • Haha why wouldn't it? I feel like the top vs better for bullying and bottom for suicide. Better than the cheesy stuff they show it high school. The music itself probably wouldn't fly though...

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