Do you get worked up over GAG poll results?

I think some people here take the polls too seriously. The polls are a lot of fun but they are not scientific. They are not even designed to poll all the users of GAG. The bias is this for example if a question is asked "Is green your favorite color" 80% of the people that will answer the question have green as their favorite color. If blue is your favorite color you will probably pass over the question instead of answering no.


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  • Yeah I get bothered because of the obvious bias. But I can't tell if you're asking if we get worked up BECAUSE of the bias, or because we shouldn't care about the bias since it's not a scientific poll?

    • Not worked up over the bias but poll results.

    • I'll just say that I get worked up because the poll results are always biased because of the question that was asked.

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  • This question would be better if it included a poll.

  • No I don't, but some people do and they think they've done a legit study when they get their answers.

    • even though like 8 people are polled. lol

    • Yeah, and then they tell people these things as if they're true facts

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