Vikings season 4 trailer! Did you see it?

Im beginning to like Vikings more than Game of Thrones.


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  • I've never seen this show before or even heard of it. But the trailer does look good

    • if you like historical themes, you're gonna love the series.

    • I love GOT and you're saying it might even be better. That sold me on it. I've been missing my GOT, will give this a try

    • Sure give it a try. It is always a matter of preference.

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  • Dude I was waiting for that trailer to come out yesterday all day xD I love that show, it's better than GoT, and with a smaller budget.
    I can't wait for the next season, cause by what we saw in the trailer, it looks freaking awesome.

  • Its better than game of thrones bro!
    i fucking love this show! i love Ragnar
    and of course Lagertha, is like a foxy warrior version of scarlet johanson

    • Who doesn't like Lagertha? hahaha She's like the hot badass girl every man drools for xD And I love the relationship between her and Ragnar, cause you can see they still love each other, and kinda treat each other like if they were together, but they're not. I don't know, they're both awesome.
      I also like Floki a lot, but before he became paranoid, now I can't trust him.

    • yeah floki became a jealous little girl lol!
      I love the dynamic of lagertha and Ragnar too!
      everytime Ragnar looks at her he thinks "Damn i fucked up"

  • I like that show because I have Viking blood in me :P

  • I enjoy the battles in Vikings than the ones in Game of Thrones.