Does it make sense for alcohol and nicotine to be legal?

The are more dangerous and more addictive than several illegal drugs, so why should they be legal? Just because we're accustomed to using them?

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  • Nicotine is no doubt bad for people but you cannot compare that to the effects of mind altering drugs. People don't go psycho over smoking. Alcohol however can be dangerous just like drugs if you don't control it. It is just addictive and can wreck havoc with families and friends but you know if used in moderation I do not see how it's nearly as harmful as taking hardcore drugs. Me taking 2 vodka cocktails is not the same as me taking 2 hits of cocaine. That's where the difference comes in.

    • Did you look at the link? Cocaine is one of the more dangerous drugs - cannabis and lsd are relatively safe, would their use in moderation be worse?

    • @Asker

      Yeah I'd say cannabis is safe if used in moderation. I don't know enough about lsd to have a opinion of it.

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  • Does anyone remember Prohibition? That's why alcohol is legal.

    • Well why not legalise other drugs? (At least those less addictive and less dangerous than alcohol/nicotine.)

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    • PCP?

    • Herp derp that's what i get for posting at 3 am. But LSD has the same stigma attached. Everyone knows the CIA experimented with it during the Cold War. That's a big hurdle to overcome. How would the pro LSD side come up with something to get past MK-ULTRA?

  • Tobacco doesn't alter your state of mind, and neither does alcohol is low quality. I don't think they should be illegal.

    • Quantity?

      They both affect the brain and are both more dangerous than cannabis or LSD.

    • Yes, sorry, quantity, it was a typo.

      They may effect the brain but they don't alter your mind as much as pot, codeine or any other type of narcotic. Of course if someone drinks lots of alcohol they can get drunk but most people don't get drunk from one drink if they're of age. I disagree they are more dangerous to the brain than LSD, or someone who drinks in moderation like one or two glasses of wine a week.

  • Alcohol is dangerous if you overreact, like with every other thing. However cigarettes should be illegal... they are pointless and are on the market because of how much money they bring. Those industries are ridiculously powerful. Too powerful.

  • I wish they were illegal but that's never going to happen.

  • They should remain legal because it is impossible to make them illegal now.
    if they were invented now, they would not be legal, but they have been around for very long so making them illegal would cause people to rage. And also illegally grow tobacco and make alcohol themselves. More people would die since they wouldn't seek help after getting anboverdose, since they would get put to jail.

    So no.

    • Drugs aren't good for anyone so making them legal would make no sense. They are afdictive (also weed), and dangerous.

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  • I actually think it should be illegal, and it is disgusting that the government monetizes on harmful addictions like that.

    • You don't drink?

    • Very very rarely. I would not miss it, typically it just gives me a headache.

  • It makes sense for them to be legal because it's everyone's prerogative if they want to get fucked up or not. just because a person CAN cause problems on drugs doesn't mean they will. Banning drugs doesn't stop people from using them, it just exacerbates the problems for people who abuse them by driving them into crime rather than helping them.

    Other drugs should be legal as well and money should be spent on helping addicts kick the habit rather than on keeping them in jail.

  • All drugs should be legal, or at the very least decriminalized. Who gives a shit whether it's bad for you or not? Everyone has a choice with what they can do to their own bodies.
    Should we ban fast food?
    What about TV?
    No. Fuck off, live your own life and don't worry about what anyone else is doing with theirs you cheeky cunt. ok m8?

  • I drink alcohol so no LOL
    I used to smoke (my bad) but tbh i'm one of those horrible ex smokers I HATE IT.
    but tbh if it was made illegal the government wouldn't be able to tax it and then they'd just tax the hell out of something else that we all used.

    • They could fine people for smoking instead. Making it illegal wouldn't stop smoking, but it would get it out of public and so not bother non-smokers. The fines could raise just as much revenue.

  • All drugs should be legal.

    • I'd support decriminalisation for possession/consumption.

  • Drugs shouldn't be illegal, just what you do when you're on them.