Are some American black people Just obsessed with beginning racial tensions?

I was talking with this black American girl (uk black girls aren't anything lillethis). She was cool but her friend comes along.

We were all talking for a bit. neither knew me very well but commented that i seemed really awesome. her friend asks me where I'm from because i look "ethnic". I said the UK but i have family in Brazil.

She said "Oh, everybody he's a white Brazilian. Brazilians are mostly Hispanic and black"

I said they aren't, contrary to popular belief. Brazil us statistically 40% white according to the census. my auntie works for the government so she collects the statistics on that. Hispanic isn't a race though, it's an ethnicity and Brazilians are Latino not Hispanic but any race can be that"

I was really calm while speaking that but she straight up got angry and didn't control herself saying "Oh boy that i ain't true I'll tell you that. They're black.

I'll tell you. systematic and i know you don't know what systematic is. Systematic is thr police shooting up a black man, black people put on jail" etc

I didn't really engage her. i just looked at her confused why she couldn't control herself and was beginning to race bait


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  • No, but I think your government spends a LOT of time and effort creating racial tensions. Being an outsider living in MY but being Austrien, it is SO obvious. No one here seems to see it. You are all manipulated to think there is a BIG racial problem. There isn't. BUT your government makes it BIG!
    They are playing you all! They want racial strife to keep you focused on something other than what is really going on in your government.
    What is really going on is simple:
    1-they are removing your legal freedoms (privacy, search and seizure, right to trial, etc)
    2-they are removing money from the middle classes and shifting that to the government (You think the banking scandle was "real"? If so you are foolish.)
    3-they are shifting to a global moneyless currency. (Do research if you dont see what I am talking about)

    When it is done, you will be trapped under their thumbs. So sad to see. I have loved America my whole life. Now I see it crumbling and you are all blind to it!

    • Uhh, he's from the UK, of Brazilian ancestry. He's not American.

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    • actually, that's completely misinformed. places like london are 45% white. there is a lot of diversity in Europe

    • I know the UK is different. Im from Austria. Don't tell me that Austria and Germany are as diverse as the US. I live in NY now.

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  • I think that being dismissive and labeling someone as "race baiting" indicates that you lack empathy and the desire to think outside of your own skull or to question your realm of understanding. Racism for black people is a constant factor especially if they are African American and live in a racist society where the country is outraged when one rich, grown white woman is told she doesn't deserve an award yet justifies and lessens the evil act of a 14 year old, defenseless black teen in a bikini being tackled by a white officer who broke no law. Living in a society where many people subconsciously encourage or do nothing to stop white supremacy and the stereotyping of black people probably makes it a tad bit difficult for race to not be on their minds.

    As an American Brazilian with African-Brazilian family who has been to Brazil numerous times, I can assure you that she was correct and most Brazilians have dominant African ancestry.

  • You know Fidel Castro has black blood on him but he doesn't look black. He looks like Mariah carey. Just the olive skin is a big tell tale sign. Latinos can have traces black but its a class system that determines black at the bottom of the socio economic class. You say you got tan skin does that mean you have traces of indigenous blood (native Indians from brazil)

    • Latino is an ethnicity. Not a race. Any race can be Latino. Latino has its roots in Italy which is white. Cultures that inherit the roman culture are Latino

    • I can't say Brazilians are all Latino. They still got a pure German race breeding keeping it 100% white. They even got their own German style town. I dont see that as Latino culture at all.

    • Sorry ignore the tan skin. But her observing that you look ethnic is a big clue that you are a mutt

  • americans in general tend to talk about race a lot... not sure where you got that black americans in general do when you just talked to 1

    • I have another black American friend and the majority of her Facebook extremal article posts are about race. We're not even in America

    • ok a grand total of 2 blacks.
      and considering a lot of things that are going on in the country involving black people of course thats going to be a hot topic of discussion

  • Yes people are biased and don't always accept what you say to be true even when you are telling the truth but you just ignore it and accept that they are flawed and do not understand.

  • Not all black females are like that. She just happend to be very ignorant.

    • I wish i didn't have that encounter because i find black girls stunning. You're very attractive!

    • Yeh I wish you didn't either and I hate when black females act like that because its hard enough trying to prove the stereotypes wrong as it is! But Im glad you like us. And thank you! :)

  • This most blacks in america. Its everyone elses fault.


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  • For a lot of people their 'race' is a big part of their identity. It's a lens through which they judge everything that happens to them. Trying to get them to see it how distorts their vision is very difficult. Like trying to explain colors to a blind person.

    It's not that things don't happen because of 'race' or rather the appearance and perception of race, the problem is when you automatically assume it is the reason for or a big part everything that happens.

  • Not much else to whine about.

  • I mean no disrespect

    Cultural Tension and perspectiveness

    And It's History

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