How much experience/time is needed before it looks good for resumes?

I have always been a really good worker and normally one of the best employees where ever I go. But until a few years ago I was never very ambitious. I was super okay with just having an average job and being the average worker. Recently I have been really trying to push for more out of myself and my life applying for bigger and better jobs. Awhile back I came into a management position at my current job. It was my first time in that kind of position and I am very happy to have it on my resume. ( I know there are more impressive things in the world but let me enjoy lol ) Anyway I was wondering if any of the G@Ger's out there have experience in the hiring field and could tell me what a decent amount of time is for that type of position. I possibly have a few oppurtunities coming up that would be a substanal pay raise. But they would take me back down to the cutting room floor. Those same oppurtunities will be there for awhile and I would rather have an impressive notch on my resume for the long run than get ahead of myself just for the money. I could easily stay where I am and be happy for awhile. So the question is at what point of time or how much time does a management position became an impressive thing to have on a resume? Its a weird question I really do not know how to word it. I get that 1 weeks experiece isn't going to turn many heads.


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  • 8month to a year usually but more is always better


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