Question for GAG users who are military servicemembers or just proud Americans, do you ever believe that it's the US citizens' obligation to like the?

US government and agree with every war that the US military fights in, to be good and loyal Americans?

Just curious. I've been told by a few jingoistic morons that if I don't agree with our government and agree with every single war that we fight, then I'm being "unpatriotic" and should leave the country.

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  • Nope. If you're a member of the armed forces, it's your obligation to follow orders, whether you agree with them or not.
    If you're a member of the general public, it's your obligation (or so it seems) to support the armed forces, whether you agree with their mission or not.


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  • I'm seriously thinking of joining the military, or at least becoming a soldier for hire. Military members must follow orders, no matter what. US citizens have every right to agree or disagree with what the military is doing. That's what they fight for. If you are an American, you are a human being, and military members believe fully in protecting you, your family, your country, and your freedom, even if you hate what they're doing. So you should at least respect that.

    • Yeah but that doesn't mean I don't support my fellow military service members. I definitely pay my respects, appreciatation to their selfless and noble acts. I just dislike my government and hate the way they treat their own military veterans and force them into bullying other countries that want nothing to do with us.

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  • There wasn't a single war that a lot of people didn't disagree on. Especially the Vietnam one

  • Yes it is an obligation because you are 'free' and then you get labeled as un-American.

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