Do you agree with H. R. 449?

H. R. 449 is being proposed by student loan justice enthusiasts to congress as a means to relieve the pressure crushing student loan debt (now surpassing credit card debt) is inflicting on hard working graduates, students (yes some lenders have been attempting to collect on loans while students are still in school) and their families.
H. R. 449 would restore consumer protections to student loan borrowers by bringing about fair in truth in lending services, bankruptcy rights and statutes of limitations to the student loan borrowing process. Since no other loan is exempt from these consumer protections? Do you agree that congress should give H. R. 449 the green light as a means to enable graduates to renegotiate loans, thereby bringing the principles of free market servicing to the student loan industry?

  • Yes. The student loan lending and borrowing process should not be exempt from free market principles
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  • No. Congress and the government are doing what is in the best interest for students by making student loans nondischaragable in bankruptcy.
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  • yes yes yes!

    • Thanks for the input and the vote. I'm saddened that after 30 minutes, you are the only person to contribute to this poll. Everyone else is in threads talking about sex, body image and masturbation.
      I guess I see where people's priorities lie.

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