Are young people often struggling with money?

You see it on tv a lot, young people, just out of college have trouble getting by. And I'm wondering is that something people can relate to? Is that common?
And if so, why? I don't really get it.

I just graduated college and I usually have 600 - 800 bucks that I don't spend every month. And now that I'll be moving in with my fiance it'll be a bit more even. Where do people put their money?


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  • Most young people put money into stuff they don't need, like fancy new cars or gadgets or things of that nature, since they don't realize they need to save money. It's all wasted away, then they barely have enough to get by.

    Or the alternative, in which they have little to no income, and can only whittle away at their savings. Like before, they could waste it, or they could try to save it as much as they can. But either way, it's gonna be a struggle.


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  • Well, people our age are not only the most likely to be underemployed, we're the most likely to be unemployed. The average college student also graduates with nearly $30,000 in debt. It all adds up if you aren't able to get a good job straight away.

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