Where is the feminist outrage given these FACTS?

Unsheltered Homeless (2009)
Women – 12,000 – 4%
Men – 240,000 – 96%

Life Expectancy (2006)
Women – 80.8 Years
Men – 75.7 Years

Suicides (2008)
Women – 7,585 - 19%
Men – 28,450 - 81%

Deaths by Homicide (2004)
Women – 3,856 – 20%
Men – 14,717 – 80%

Deaths from Cancer (2004)
Women – 269,819
Men – 290,069

Deaths from HIV/AIDS (2004)
Women – 3,357
Men – 8,756

Federal Funds for Sex Specific Cancer Research
Women – Breast Cancer – $631,000,000 - 40,000 Deaths
Men – Prostate Cancer – $300,000,000 - 33,000 Deaths

Deaths on the Job (2010)
Women – 355 - 7%
Men – 4,192 - 93%

Injuries on the Job (2007)
Women – 36%
Men – 64%

College Enrollment (2009)
Women – 58% - 11,658,000
Men – 42% - 8,770,000

Affirmative Action Education Programs (Gender Specific)
Women – Yes
Men – No

Unemployment Rates (2010)
Women – 8.6% – 6,199,000
Men – 10.5% - 8,626,000

Average Hours Worked Per Week (2010)
Women – 36.1
Men – 40.2

High School Graduation Rates (2005)
Women – 72%
Men – 65%

Incarceration Rates (2009)
Women – 114,979 - 7%
Men – 1,502,490 - 93%

Child Custody Rates
Women – 11,268,000 custodial mothers
Men – 2,907,000 custodial fathers

US Military Deaths From 1950 – 2010
Women – 139 - 0.001%
Men – 100,063 - 99.99%

Federally Funded Battered Shelters
Women – 2,000+ $300,000,000 per year
Men – None – $0

Federally Funded Health Offices and Research 1970 – Present (not including cancer research)
Women Only – Office, Projects and Programs 70+ – Funds – $100,000,000,000 Men Only – None – $0

Forced Selective Service
Women – No
Men – Yes

Drug and Alcohol Addiction and Abuse Rates (2010)
Women – 5.8%
Men – 12.2%

Divorce filings
Women - 85%
Men - 15%

Doctor Degrees (2010)
Women - 51.6%
Men - 48.4%

Master's Degrees (2010)
Women - 60.3%
Men - 39.7%
Receive Alimony
Men: 3% (if you're a male, it's temporary. Women have it permanently) -

Women can sleep with their bosses to go further up the ladder
Men cannot (unless they want a harassment charge)

-Women serve less prison time

-Murder cases, More men get death sentences than women.

-Police protect women more than men.

- Men give gifts to Women on Valentines day > A must!
To men? > Optional


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  • It's nonexistent because it wouldn't benefit their "cause".

    The only thing they fight about nowadays is getting free birth control and having the right to dress like whores while demanding men to stop looking at them as such.

    • You know what i love?
      The fact that morons assume that just because im against feminism i must be a dude.
      Plus even if i were a dude, it just perpetuates this idea that mens voice means NOTHING. Proving my point.


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    • ok thanks.

    • Ya see. This kind of bias against men is why i dont call myself a feminist anymore. i USED to. Until women like this who automatically assume that because i speak out for mens rights that therefore i must be a man.

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  • Creating a fake female account and posting anonymously will not make people take angry MRAs more seriously.

    • Creating a fake male account will not make people take angry bitter Feminists more seriously.
      Your insinuation that there aren't a ton of women that aren't against feminism is false.

      Even if i was a guy that doesn't mean that the facts are false.
      Although your comment is a logical fallacy.
      "The genetic fallacy, also known as fallacy of origins, fallacy of virtue, is a fallacy of irrelevance where a conclusion is suggested based solely on something or someone's origin rather than its current meaning or context."
      Thus proving your stupidity.

  • Well, indeed!

  • Because despite the fact that feminists claim to care about equality for BOTH genders they prioritize female issues. It's called FEMINism for a reason.

  • This is mild of course, but perhaps I should add a Trigger Warning for feminists. They seem to be the bunch that needs such things.

    Why do some of them say they care about men's rights? They don't. What have they ever fought for on that front?
    They are too busy complaining about minor things that are sexist to them and fabricating bigger things.

    Very hypocritical people. Like, "And if more men drop out in highschool then women, whose fault is that? It's the mans fault cause he chose to drop out. Some of your facts don't make sense"
    No need to delve into any of that, but complain about the fact that there aren't nearly enough women in STEM fields.

    To be fair, they are also unfair to some women as well. They demand that women do x, y, and z regardless of if they want to.

    It's still mind boggling to me that some people still buy into their "we are for equal rights" line. It's a Trojan horse for intellectually deficient men or ones that are afraid for their livelihood to stand against it.
    I am not against feminism entirely. There are places that need it. It's just not in the West.

    • You come off as nonsensical and generalizing. If you say all Feminists are like that, I can very well say all fathers are deadbeat losers.

      Illogical? Yes. Just like your post.

  • Why would fascists (feminists) care? It's not related to them.

  • They're too busy fighting some silly "manspreading" campaign or some junk.

  • You do realize that some of these have nothing to do with society, right? Some of them are just basic biology.

    • No. Apparently they don't.

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    • the gap in how long men are expected to live is closing it has been for years. the cancer one is refering to breast cancer and prostate cancer breast cancer only has 10k more deaths but has over 2x more funding and but loads of more support on the side

    • Seeing as men can get breast cancer as well, undoubtedly it would have much more funding.

      For prostate cancer, do you know how many men DON'T go and get a prostate exam? Yes, you can get a blood test, but sometimes the physician (and I've been told this by one) requires a digital rectal exam as well.

      So many men have told me that they'd rather die than have someone stick a finger up their butt... and I don't understand. I wonder how many of those deaths are related to guys who waited until it was too late. The stigma that it's "gay" for men to have fingers up their butts needs to stop.

  • I blame the suicide rate entirely on women...

  • I don't know, where did you get this facts?

    • FBI data from a couple years ago.

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    • So you just wrote this without knowing if it's true or not? Cause you got this from the Internet...

    • I believe its true. Based on other things not just the internet.

  • If something doesn't help feminists, it "doesn't exist."

  • Feminism is only enraged by the things that are not going their way the ones that are are ignored lol

  • There is none, because men are the victims. Feminists don't care about men.

    • But there are men feminists, like me.

    • @Just1n123 then you should know that the majority of your movement does not care about men's problems in the slightest, or they dismiss them as "less important".

    • We care about men's problems as well as women's problems, its just hard to help when everyone is putting us down for stupid shit.

  • Now you all understand why men are paid more. Nothing sexist.

  • Wow, you MRAs really are desperate... and stupid. Do you really need feminists to hold your hand and protect you from this mean "misandrist" world?

    How about you stop with the gender war and grow up. The fact that men suffer more in one category doesn't trivialize women's suffering in that same category or any other. It's not an indignation competition. It's about treating and respecting all people equally.

    You should know that in Nordic countries, where gender equality is the highest in the world, women are equally represented in government. And as a result, poverty is virtually abolished and the middle class has the highest standard of living in the world. Nordic people are also known to be the happiest in the world. So maybe you should go complain to your local representative, but leave out the frivolous statistics... Life Expectancy? Really? Are you gonna whine about not getting to use tampons too?

    And nice job pointing out how women are much more successful in all levels of schooling, highlighting their superior intelligence. Very important fact.

    • Creating a fake male account isn't going to make men take feminism more seriously.
      Dandeus how many accounts do you have?

    • MRAs are so blatantly obvious with their incessant projection. Just know that anything they criticize you for is really what they hate about themselves.

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  • And yet feminists think they have it so bad still.

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  • Who said there isn't? That's pretty stupid to assume that some Feminists aren't upset by some of the statistics. But common sense needs to be input as well.

    You've also given a bunch of bias. There are some men who sleep with bosses and get a raise.

    What does gifting on Valentines have to do with anything? Common sense says that BOTH parties should gift each other.

    The reason why the majority of women receive alimony is because the majority of them are stay at home moms at the behest of the husbands (sometimes. Sometimes because they want) or they still make much less.

    Deaths of men in the military when it used to be men only is the reason why it's so high.

    HIV rate? Does this really have to be explained? The fact that the act of sodomy which gay men CAN do is an easy way to pass HIV?

    Selective service should be abolished. Women need to be incarcerated at the same time as men for the same crime. Divorce filings in America are due to cheating mostly perpetrated by the male (I need to find that link).

    Breast cancer can affect men as well so it makes sense for there to be more funding for it.

    There should be funding for battered/homeless men. The problem is there isn't ENOUGH of those men coming out and speaking for themselves to cause awareness. And every time I encourage one to, they always say that it wouldn't help so they continue to live in their existence.

    And I could go on and on.

  • Really? You're going to get in to what equality means because our bodies live on average five years longer than men's? Feminism worked way to hard to fight for opportunities for women that have nothing to do with something like that.

    There's some that are in favour of men, yes, but most of what you posted has underlying explanations, such as the military death rate being higher - that's because more men are serving in the military. Same with who works more hours - that's because women opt to work part time especially if they are looking after children at home.

    There are tons of explanations for each one, but it would be better if you posted links to your findings, and include domestic violence victims and which gender is usually stuck at home as a single parent after a divorce.

    Besides. this isn't a game for poking who has it worse than the other gender either. Feminism is about protecting women's equality, not to further our advancement to be superior and not to 'get back at men' for having privileges we were denied for a long time. There are many things on your list that need improvement, such as awarding alimony and cancer research funds. I don't know about the cancer research because I'd have to read up on which of the two diseases (breast and prostate) is more prominent. I'd have to see a percentage of how many men get prostate cancer to women's breast cancer. Also - it could be that men benefit from breast cancer research as they themselves do get breast cancer too. But again, if you kindly post links to the others then we can go from there.

  • Where are the rape and domestic violence statistics? Or how about the under-representation of women in politics and the rich list? This is really biased. There are so many other factors you're neglecting here. How about sexism women face everyday, not all of it can be recorded in numerical data. How customers at my bar talk to me can sometimes be vile. I've had men say really disgusting, sexual things to me, others have even groped me. Do you think the guy I work with also has the same experiences? Nope.
    I'm not saying men don't have it hard too but I definitely feel women face a greater struggle on a whole.

    • 40% of donemstic ABUSE victims are men. Did you know that? And if we separate it into phyical and psychological abuse, then i'm sure we'll see an interresting pattern.
      And rape statistics are extremely inacurate. As suggested by research, it could be as high as 30-50% of victims being male. Because male rapes happen, you can't deny it. Have a read: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rape_by_gender

      The truth is you don't know how it is to be male, so you judge on what you feel and hear. Men are conditioned and taught to suck it up, so you don't hear the men. Men are litterally shamed into silence.
      You just feel it's squeved your way because you feel the silent struggle for women, but can't feel the silent struggle for men.

      Maybe take the statistics as a sign of something worse, something darker. A systematic oppression of men in the legal and social system? Struggling women are helped up, struggling men are ignored. It's that simple. ANd the statistics above PROVE it.

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    • But I'm not saying that, I do feel like men's issues should also be recognised. however, If women do have it worse then there won't be equality until their issues are alleviated.

    • The problem is feminism if entirely focused on women, and has made great strides towards womens rights, and has done NOTHING towards men.

      Are you saying that we should just solely focus on women because women have it harder, and we should just "put off" mens rights until women's are addressed?
      Then saying there won't be equality until women's issues are alleviated is meaningless, because the same thing goes for men.
      THe issue is NOT that we should just ignore womens rights, its the fact that mens rights are ignored.

  • I'm a feminist. To me, feminism means men and women have equal rights and opportunities.

    It doesn't mean "we should walk around half naked and dress like whores because it makes a statement!" no.
    I feel like 95% of women don't even know what feminism means now a days. It doesn't mean being able to trample over men and do whatever we damn please. It simply means being able to have the same opportunities as men have :)

    • Feminism literally means "rights for women". But that doesn't mean that a Feminist can't be for men's rights.

      And I do agree that the small things that a lot of Feminists are bickering over tend to be dumb.

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    • I think they are as you've described---they lack the knowledge of what feminism is truly defined as. Or they assume that the majority of Feminists--erroneously--are those who like to belittle men while empowering women.

      I've seen the good and bad Feminists and I have sense enough to know everyone deserves rights. Some people just can't get that.

    • No. The women who still hold onto the label of feminists are.
      1. Anti men.
      2. Ignorant women who aren't aware how the feminist movement has molded itself into being anti men.
      3. Want to hold onto the label because they think there's nothing wrong with holding onto a label even though they acknowledge the movement has changed to be more harm than good.

      Everyone who is pro equality by definition should obviously be feminist. IF feminist meant that. This idea that it can mean practically anything, to me, seems silly.

  • Well you see... Feminism is about women so...

    And if more men drop out in highschool then women, whose fault is that? It's the mans fault cause he chose to drop out. Some of your facts don't make sense.

    • Feminism is indeed about rights for women. That is what some focus on. A lot of us care for both genders though.

      And exactly... they don't make sense (some of them).

  • Depends on the country of course

  • Today, feminism is horrible.

  • OP if you're a woman I'm an alien from the planet Zorg

    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZBpdZbSYSg

      Tell that to all of us then.
      You are just perpetuating this idea that only a MAN can be against feminism. which i proved is false.
      And 2nd. That a mans opinion means nothing. Proving your sexual bigotry and hate against men.

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    • I stand by what i said, tell ME again that you must be a woman to be anti feminist.

    • Thanks bravo.
      Your opinion means nothing. You're a man.
      Oh wait. Im talking to myself.

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