How to stop being the loner?


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  • 1. Most times a loner is so because of low self esteem and confidence - there was a time I was one so I assume that's the foremost reason
    2. FIRST thing is to stop being afraid
    3. SECOND is to know how, when, where and what to build expectation on
    4. THIRD is to build knowledge base and keeping an open mind
    5. FOURTH is to follow up on the SECOND part while socializing which is a must cause unless you enter the water you'll neither know it's depth nor warmth :) standing on the edge you'll always be edgy - never shirk from a problem :)

    • thank u, I feel like I'm progressing but I would like to be more social active and be ask to hang out too. cuz I'm always the one saying let's go out to my friends.

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    • thank u!

    • The pleasure is and always shall be wholly mine young lady :)

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  • Let me know when you find the answer to that one matey.


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