Is it true that having sex with someone?

.. you already have feelings for (let's say this guy is a player type) will having sex with him get you more emotionally attached to him?
(Even getting physical with him like making out)

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  • I don't know because I can't read minds but certainly women have always acted more attached to me after sex. So if he's a player I'd say stay away.


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  • YES!
    That sense of euphoria and connection you have after sex stays for 1-3 days in girls. For men it stays for up to 24 hours at the very most (mostly less than 12 hours).

    So don't do it. If the sparks start to fly and you get connected, know that he'll probably not feel that way the next day, and you'll just feel hurt because you think he doesn't feel the same way. And that hormone high will cause you to feel that he doesn't care for a long time afterwards, and can likely destroy everything.

    TL:DR don't sleep with him.

  • Men don't get emotionally attached through sex. We form those attachments in other ways. Women DO form bonds much more often through sex, so in the situation you describe it's better for you to stay away.


What Girls Said 3

  • Yes.
    Sex is a further exploration of someone. During sex, you get to discover just how creative, skilled, passionate, and intense someone can be. Traits that are all incredibly, infinitely attractive and magnetic. If someone is charming and selfless enough, they will give you memories that you will delightfully never forget. You may be 90 and find yourself daydreaming about how that person made you feel. Sex reinforces and deepens that desirability, attraction, and those memories. Which can be truly amazing and beautiful or absolutely devastating if things don't end well. This modern society commonly desensitizes this truth but that level of exploration is a treat…an emotional, mental, spiritual treat and you can’t help but want more and more and more…. Or at least that is what I have personally experienced and observed of many others.

    Also, you must be realistic about chemical bonding that transpires during sex. Your brain physically responds to the activity of sex by releasing neurological chemicals. Among oxytocin, endorphins, the body’s natural pain killers, are released. So yes, your body is biologically designed and neurologically coded to create an attachment when you have sex with someone you’re already emotionally attached to.

  • Depends on their connection to each other. Sometimes a guy or girl you are insanely attracted to ends up being incompatible with you between the sheets. Other times someone that you don't think you'll fall for sparks all kinds of magic. You just never know.

  • For most women - yes.
    For some - no.

    For most men - no.
    For some - yes.