Read the detail please. Do you always have a smiling face? That's very good thing, isn't that?

Situatin affects our thinking too. For example if we are smiling, we can't think any bad, sad things.
Or if we are very angry, we can't think good, happy things.
If you dont believe me sit on somewhere. And be so angry and try to think happy, good thing, can you think happy thing? Let me answer No. You can try the other one too, be so happy and smile, can you think bad thing while smiling? No.



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  • You are right. And not just that. I also noticed that when you are around a person who is cheerful and smiles a lot, you find yourself smiling as well. It feels great.

    • Yes, thats true. Did you try to do what i told in my detail? i think it works :)

    • I didn't do it now but you reminded me of a time I was angry and I did try to think of happy things but it just didn't work. :p

    • Yeah, so you are agreeing with me. Thank you :P :D

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  • I have extreme resting bitch face.

  • hmm i guess so!

    • Did you try to do what i told in my detail?
      You can't think of bad things while smiling, right? :)

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