I've completely messed up my first year of uni?

I started university in September 14 and I recently came out of a relationship that lasted just under 4 years before I started uni; I was a complete mess. I started self harming pretty bad because I was in such a state and every time I went into lectures I couldn't concentrate and I just felt numb, I even thought about suicide in December. I had counselling which has thankfully sorted my head out, my head got sorted out a little too late. I had assignments and exams and because I missed lectures and felt numb during them I wasn't taking anything in. I had exams in June and I failed most of them. I have two options: 1- accept I've failed and quit uni 2- retake my exams in August and put 100% effort into all of them.
I'm stuck in what to do, I feel like I could do much better if I got my head together. :(

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  • You have a second chance, don't let it slip, go for it! Prove yourself that you can make it, cause you can, it's all up in your mind, you know you're gonna make it, and when you do, you'll feel great about yourself.
    Take this chance you've got, NEVER accept defeat.


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  • Don't give up and don't give in!!! Its not over until you say its over and the only test you failed is the one you never took! So make the right choices

  • most colleges offer a freshman forgiveness. take that


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  • Don't give up! Many people go through the struggle that you did. You have all the time in the world. Go for it, and take those classes again! Focus on you and your studies; do the best that you can. You're only harming yourself more if you don't allow yourself this opportunity. You've got this!

    • Thank you, I did start to focus on my studies but when I did it was too late :/ I suppose revising my bottom off from now until August will give me more hope to pass my retakes :)

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    • They're completely aware how I've been feeling, the majority of them know I had counselling for the majority of the year. If I asked for support they would help me out, I think if my anxiety kicks in next month I will ask for help :)

    • Oh, that's wonderful to have them there to support you if need be. :)

  • Girl, don't let yourself do poorly because of the end of a relationship! Let school be a distraction and just throw yourself into it! You got this!!