Im new here and I enjoy helping people with things I will help anyone answer any question to the best of my ability?

im here for all of u


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  • First off, welcome to GAG.
    Second, thanks I guess? If you are looking for people who tend to need the most help-- like relationship problems or whatever...
    1.) Scroll mouse over "Feed" in middle top.
    2.) Go to "No Opinions" and click it.

    They are long stories but often times they have difficult questions people have trouble answering.

    Otherwise, feel free to go to recent Feed or whatever you want to! There are many questions to be answered, so feel free to give as many opinions on them as you want :D
    Enjoy GAG. It's addicting as hell.

  • Putting a question mark on the end of a sentence doesn't make it a question.

  • Mr. Superman

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