Who can get away with more stuff in general?

Though we also have our advantages, I honestly think girls can get away with more things. For instance I was seeing a video of both a male and female prankster fake farting on people. While the guy got punched and even kicked by several others guys, the girl only got her hair pulled by an angry man (but only after she kept farting on him on like the 3rd time and not stopping) and basically wanted an explanation to this question ''why are you farting on people, it's weird''.

That guy that pulled her hair would have done worse if it were a guy doing that and there wouldn't be a 2nd nor 3rd time nor even wanting an explanation.

  • It's really guys getting away with more
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  • I agree, girls get away with more
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The girl did explained it was fake and still got upset at his reaction, telling him to calm down. Guy said nothing afterwards but still thought it was weird to be doing that.


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  • i think girls do.


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  • depends on what aspect of life it is. iv never really believed that one gender is advantaged over the other.

    we literally make up for each other in pretty much every single way.

  • Weird example, but nonetheless I'll asnswer..
    Even though I'm a feminist, I know women and girls seem to get away with more stuff than guys. They instantly know how to put on that sweet "who me" type of charm to make someone think they didn't do something or weren't capable of knowing what they did was wrong. There's a bit of a biological explanation for this if you read a book called "In the Company of Women" by Pat Heim. https://arthistoryfacts.com/FloraByTitian.jpg

  • I block anybody I catch asking these types of questions. Today I blocked 2 people.

    • And this information is useful how?

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    • this is why some ask these kind of questions anon so they dont get blocked by people that can't handle it

    • Dumb girl... don't answer then... if you even took the time to write this BS it means you care

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  • Girls can literally get away with ruining a man's life with a false rape accusation. I think that says enough.

    • True. There is no such thing as universal, absolute equality between the genders. I guess there will never be.

  • hmm, id say women generally

  • Girls only get away with farting more than the men with farting around other men.

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