Are they trolling when they admit their question is stupid?

I've noticed a lot of anon questions being asked and the asker starts off by saying one of the following: I know this is a stupid question or I know this is a dumb question and then they proceed to ask their dumb questions. I assume most dumb questions are asked by trolls but maybe their not trolls maybe they are just stupid. What do you think?

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  • I think that, generally speaking, if someone starts a question with, "I know this is a stupid question", it's a sign that they feel insecure. They feel they should already know the answer; they're worried that they're reading too much into a situation; they feel embarrassed about their lack of knowledge or lack of experience; or they're otherwise worried that people will judge them for the question they're asking.

    • Usually those insecurities can be cleared up by using Google and then they might not even need to come here. I see too many questions being asked here where the asker should be using a dictionary, encyclopedia, or something like that lol That's what the internet and "smart" phones are for but too many people don't know how to utilize their resources.

    • Yes, I also find it bizarre when people ask a question that they could get a faster and more accurate answer through google.

    • Yeah generally people come here for advice and opinions

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  • Well maybe he is a troll and maybe it isn't. He is drawing you into a question by asking this I could easily see him trolling you many ways right now.

  • I've noticed this a couple of times recently, and yes, it seemed like they were proud to be trolling. One even gave MHO to someone who quite aggressively called him out on his post.

    • I've seen this a few times too and I thought it was funny to see MHO given to the person that called them out

  • I haven't noticed trolls make that kind of statement. A troll knows their question is stupid, but doesn't want you to notice.

  • usually not its just a way to save face and not seem as stupid


What Girls Said 2

  • Possibly, I think they say that, because they know people may say "well you're dumb or that was a stupid thing to ask"

    I think they just acknowledge it. It's just pointing out an obvious.

    • I guess so it depends on the question though

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  • yes i think so lol its pretty common as well