My phone not switching on. Please help. What do I do?

My phone is Samsung Galaxy Note 3. It's 1.5 years old, last night I switched it off. And in the morning when I switched it on, it keeps showing up the recovery mode. Its not getting out of it. Whenever I power it on, it opens up the recovery mode. Why? Please someone help me.

My phone is not rooted.


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  • What happened right before this started? I have a Motorola phone that went into a boot loop after I tried to upload a 1.5GB file to Google Drive. Unknown to me, Google Drive starts by copying the file from the microSD card to the phone's internal memory (where it wouldn't fit) and it kept rebooting and shutting down services. I quickly got into the app settings for Google Drive and cleared the cache and the problem went away immediately. This sounds like an OS flag that got set to boot to recovery mode and it can't get reset because it can't be shut down normally. So if we know how it started, that could be a clue to a resolution. If it started out of the blue, it could be bricked. I've also seen defective chargers mess up a phone in weird ways before.

    • There is 6.12 GB free memory in it and I don't use SD Card.

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    • I hope it does gets something good on Windows Phone 10... Waiting for it...

    • Thanks for MHO!

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  • Um close the phone completely (take the batteries out, wait a few minutes and pop them back in). Press and hold the volume up, home and power button and let your fingers go when it turns on. Wait for the Recovery Mode main screen to appear. If it doesn't pop up, keep doing it so it does. Then put it in normal mode.

    • Did it, more than 10 times.

    • Did you hold and press the volume up button, power and home button all at the same time? If that doesn't help try the volume DOWN button, power and home button

    • Yes, all the buttons and in every way.

  • it's better if you try to search youtube that very specific problem


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