What do you think of the brainwashing made by liberals against white?

Have worse things but it's hard to put everything here. Liberals try to create an opposite world in their media, liberal fiction movies, news, liberal websites, especially against white guys to please the typical haters.
What do you think of the brainwashing made by liberals against white?

America is very segregated, blacks, whites, and hispanics live clustered together and mostly apart from eachother. Pic related is my state as an example.

The odds are much better that someone is going to commit a crime against a member of their own race simply because that is who is close to them and usually who they're involved with socially but it's not that way.

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  • Liberal marxists want an end to Western Civilisation since the early 20th century. The turning point was the end of WW2. Today they are destroying Europe from within with mass immigration from 3rd world non white countries, abolition of traditional family, promotion of gay rights and feminism, anti racists organisation (something that exists only in white countries with the only purpose to hate on white people).
    Race, traditions, family and history is what keeps a nation alive. Those are the barriers to liberal marxists and thats why they target these values.


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  • All this is born out of the past. Jim crow laws, segregation, and police targeting in their war on drugs. White people created the environment s for all this to take place. You shouldn't be surprised

  • All types of brainwashing are bad

  • not confuse people with facts or actual data

  • Your basic point is sound but a lot of these statistics are very misleading.
    I don't hate Liberals, they are no more deluded than anyone else. Most people seem to need to have an enemy to whom they ascribe all bad things. They do this so that by merely belonging the the group opposed to the bad guys they become good. It's a way of being good with little or no effort.

  • That's BS whites have it better