Do you know difference between strong guy and fake guy?

There are so many guys you can see in summer with fake body and they think they are strong. So I'll explain you gym doesn't make you strong at all. Street Workout makes you strong and it's naturall sport plus you can do it everywhere.

Can anyone do that in gym all this ""big"" guys, probably they can't. So that's real power!


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  • Power is not the same as just strength I think


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  • First off, fake bodies? No
    Plenty of people with great physiques train hard and work for the physique
    Many people who lift weights are strong they might not be strong at these calisthenics exercise but they train for their own purpose and that should be respected

    You statement that the gym does not make you strong is completely bs
    Pro athletes, specifically Professional strong men and power lifters are among the strongest people in the world
    They train in gyms

    You sound like a dude who only does calisthenics and has a lame physique and is jealous of others who have greater musculature

    • because muscles don't mean anything I rather be skinny or what ever than have fake muscles.
      That's why is street workout true inspiration in my opinion, just look at that guy.

    • "Muscles don't mean anything"
      You obviously are a skinny couch potato who watches YouTube training videos all day
      Muscles are everything when it comes to athletes
      Yes muscles don't need to be big to be strong but having muscle is essential

      Also there is no such thing as 'fake muscle' when it comes to people who train in the gym

  • Different sorts of workour will result in different sorts of strength.

    Sure bodybuilders tend to bulk up in a way which doesn't actually significantly increase their effective strength, but most other disciplines do... at least in targetted areas. But most people training in a gym are only looking to burn a little weight, not train their muscles for any particular type of strain, but don't rule their relative strengths out.

    Just because a flabby looking mechanic will be able to move large awkward items around themselves far better than a gym trained long distance runner (and most weight lifters) doesn't mean that the mechanic will beat them in a race, or even sport weightlifting (look into the many issues of Sportification).

  • "Fake muscles"...

    I can't even comprehend the level of retarded-ness of that...
    What, you think body builders muscle is just hollow fluffy stuff? Fucking dipshit xD

  • Gym does make you strong, if you have the right workout schedule.

    • that's not true. It makes you look strong, but can they make this as they do in video, NO!